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Updated Sunday, April 10, 2005 9:58 AM Today's Headline Stories


Guests this week include Dawn Marie Clark from Coastal coins on Monday, April 11th, and Dr. Templeman, a nutritional research specialist on Wednesday, April 13th.

This week, while consolidating the storage unit, we came across a few more copies of the signed hardcovers, OKC : Day One. As such we will be supplying the hardcover for the rest of our sale or until they are sold out.


Happy Birthday Terry,

To a beloved patriot and someone who understands the dangers of Socialism.

From all of us here at the Hour of the Time.


Thank you! The signed OKC Hardcovers are SOLD OUT! We have only 20 SIGNED SOFTCOVERS remaining - get yours now on the bookpage. Remember to tell your friends about this book - this year marks the 10th year anniversary.

Let's put tax cuts in terms everyone can understand

College Course has 'Behold A Pale Horse' listed as recommended reading.

The Minuteman Project - sure to dominate the news this month. We hope everyone is keeping an eye on this.

Related link : Minuteman Project Pushes Back


Today's program is a MUST LISTEN. After many, MANY requests from listeners and visitors to this site, Robert Houghton and Doyel Shamley discuss the events surrounding Bill Cooper's murder. Part 2 of a 2 part presentation. The transcript of this program will be available on this website in the near future.


Today's program is a MUST LISTEN. After many, MANY requests from listeners and visitors to this site, Robert Houghton and Doyel Shamley discuss the events surrounding Bill Cooper's murder. Part 1 of a 2 part presentation. The transcript of this program will be available on this website in the near future.


An excellent song entitled "We can't make it here", which sums up a lot of problems in America. Worth the listen. Download it here.


Since this has been St. Patrick's Day/Week!, we thought we'd include some interesting tidbits about this time of the year. Researched by Doyel.

The Wheel of the Celtic Year: Imbolc

Imbolc - Definition

Amazon Books - Most popular results for imbolc

Byzant Scriptorium - The Pagan Festival of Imbolc

Imbolc Lore

You Call It Groundhog Day, We Call It Imbolc

imbolc (celtic), Candlemas (Catholic)

Imbolc Ritual


For those listeners that have requested a viewing order for the DVDs, Doyel has assembled the following list :

1) Dimensions in Parapsychology (shortest with broad coverage of topics)
2) Lansing Michigan (live speech given by Bill)
3) The Secret Government (A classic, more details, longer)
4) CNN interview (Longer in length, good details)
5) Behold A Pale Horse (as title indicates, synopsis of book, over 4 1/2 hrs. in length)
6) Branch Davidians Last Will and Testament (Only available tape of Plea made by church, all
were killed in the attack).
7) Assassin Unmasked (a classic, delves into the field of the JFK assassination)
8) Kennedy - The Sacrificed King (More details on the JFK assassination)
9) Project Redlight 1 (Bills first documentary on Area 51)
10) Project Redlight 2 (Bill's second work on Area 51, his favorite of the two)
11) Luxor (Symbology of the mystery schools at the Luxor Hotel, Mystery Babylon #33)
12) Zapruder (the original footage, highest quality available, in real, 1/2, 1/4 speed;frame by frame)


Find here, a free e-book that is a must read! Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler


Today's program : Robert Houghton discusses Edgar Allan Poe's short story "The Cask of Amantillado"


We will be offering as of Tuesday at 8AM another FIRST EDITION, SIGNED HARDCOVER of Behold a Pale Horse. This is the first auction we have held on E-bay. Book #184.

Please bid to help support the Hour of the Time.

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Our latest projects :

1. Doyel Shamley discusses fairy tales and their exoteric meanings. (4-5 hour series)

2. Corporate Symbology 2 - Finally completed! (2 hour presentation)

3. Symbology in Canada's Capital - The Video (1-2 hours)

4. Canadian Coin Museum and Symbology of Coins in History (1 hour)

5. Updated and enhanced Zapruder footage (pending verification of copyright) (1/2 - 1 hour)


Due to a family emergency here at HOTT, a few of our scheduled programs on WBCQ have had to be postponed. We will still be on the air but will be re-airing classic William Cooper broadcasts for the next several days.


Today's radio program will discuss Xango and business opportunies - a chance for you to improve your health AND help the Hour of the Time. Our Xango information line is 1-877-926-4646. Listen to some research on Xango online here.

Also, in anticipation of the 10th year anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing we are offering, for a final time, some discount prices on OKC:Day One. Check out the bookpage for details.




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Hour of the Time Radio Show

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Mon 11 Apr 05 - Dawn Marie Clark - Coastal Coins - E-mail her at :, or check out her website

Dawn Marie Clark
Precious Metals Broker
Coastal Coins
118 Congress St
Belfast Me 04915


Wed 13 Apr 05 - Dr. Templeman - Nutritional research

Fri 01 Apr 05 - Audio from the DVD "CNN Interview with William Cooper"

Mon 28 Mar 05 -Robert Houghton and Doyel Shamley discuss the events surrounding Bill Cooper's murder. Part 2 of a 2 part presentation

Fri 25 Mar 05 -Robert Houghton and Doyel Shamley discuss the events surrounding Bill Cooper's murder. Part 1 of a 2 part presentation

Wed 23 Mar 05 William Cooper exposes the Perestroika Deception (originally aired 05/13/99)

Mon 21 Mar 05 - Mind Control in Advertising

Fri 18 Mar 05 - Classic Bill Cooper Repeat - Ishtar = Easter Orig. Broadcast 04/14/95

Wed 16 Mar 05 - Robert Houghton discusses Edgar Allan Poe's short story "The Cask of Amantillado

Monday 28 Feb 05 - Major General Stubblebine (USA) Ret. - concerning the 10 principles of U.S. war doctrine, where we deviated and what it is costing us.

Tuesday 01 Mar 05 - Dr. Rima E. Laibow, MD - Codex "legislation", the WTO and how it will effect your personal health and health freedom.

Postponed to 08 Mar 05 - Dr. Wallard Heath on the WTO sanctions to be imposed and how it will effect your right to exercise health choices.

02 Mar 05 - Sandy Cohen and Xango - Business opportunities - Your chance to help the Hour of the Time and improve your health.

Thursday 03 Mar 05 - James LLoyd on symbolism of the new age and Luciferian philosophy.

Due to a family emergency here at HOTT, the following programs have been postponed and will be rescheduled as soon as possible. Please listen in for classic William Cooper broadcasts over the next week.

Postponed Friday 04 Mar 05 - Mr. Kenneth Chrane and home based business opportunities.

Postponed Monday 07 Mar 05 - Pauline Mull with Dr Wallach

Postponed Wed 08 Mar 05 - Dawn Marie Clark - Coastal Coins - E-mail her at :, or check out her website

Dawn Marie Clark
Precious Metals Broker
Coastal Coins
118 Congress St
Belfast Me 04915



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The OKC Bombing: A Day of Truth ~ Ten Years Later - If anyone can attend this April 19th and Wednesday, April 20th, 2005 and film/tape/document this event for the Hour of the Time we would greatly appreciate it.

Iraq's Oilworkers Will Defend the Country's Oil



FBI seeks expanded search powers

New US passport rules 'threaten business relations'

U.S. to Tighten Border Controls by 2008

China leads death list as number of executions around the world soars

Torture Inc. Americas Brutal Prisons

Florida to expand law on gun use


Gang will target Minuteman vigil on Mexico border

US army to produce Mid-East comic

Fonda speaks of Vietnam 'regret' - Too little too late? Or do we forgive and forget?

Brain chip reads man's thoughts


Cultural Barbarism: Halliburton Destroys Babylon

US scatters bases to control Eurasia

FBI Finds Explosives in Nichols' Old Home

Insurgents Attack Iraq's Abu Ghraib Prison - 44 US Casualties


Little Brother may also be watching soon

Gun-control measures before the Illinois General Assembly

Pope given last rites

Socialists declare: "Most parents a threat to children's health!"

Arming the Left: Is the time now? --by Charles Southwell - The author makes some mistakes calling the Bush admin "Far-right" but also poses an interesting question.

Two-thirds of world's resources 'used up' - Also read the book "The Limits to Growth"

Tanks take a beating in Iraq

Curing Obesity through Sterility: California 's Controversial Program Under the Microscope - Now that the state can kill the handicapped (Terri Schiavo), this seems like the next logical step for these Nazis

RFID Cards Get Spin Treatment - Let's have fun with words! Spin spin spin!

Jailed: teacher who snapped - No right to self defence in socialist Britain

A Deadly Coincidence: School Shootings and Drugged Students - From the article "I keep waiting for someone to notice the way the rash of school shootings the US has experienced has coincided with the massive program of drugging “over-active” students or those deemed to have an “attention deficit.” Medicating students has replaced counseling. "

Right-to-carry law is the way to go

Pope’s Condition is ‘Very Grave’

Legal fight looms over huge support payments - The ongoing war against the family (and fathers).

Women Shoplifters won't Be Jailed by Lib Dems - Well, what about the men? Are not fathers, brothers and sons also important family members?

We need our money back - If FEMA can give FEMA can also take away

Stolen UC Laptop Held Personal Data On 100,000 Students

Visit by pro-Israeli prof causes uproar at UofT - If that is the case then those scholars who are critical of Israel should be afforded the same protection

Can't remember your password? Forget it. Simply log on to your computer or favourite Web site with a touch of a finger using the Fingerprint Reader from Microsoft.

Biometric ID may snare travelers

U.S. Bases in Afghanistan Get $83M Upgrade

Official Says Iraq Will Be Secured in 18 Months - What turmoil will we get involved in next then, since there'll be nothing to do in Iraw anymore...

Some Truckers to Undergo Background Checks

Pilots: Gun Certification Too Slow


NutraSweet to Boost Aspartame Capacity Amid Rising Demand - Who would actually consume this stuff given the known health risks? Much worse for you than cigarettes...

Ind. Business Told to Hide Nude Statues

EU proposes 15% duty on US goods - Ok, so we already don't buy Chinese goods (DO YOU?) and now I guess we won't buy EU goods either!

With Iraq tying up manpower, two analysts raise specter of draft

Many Guard returnees jobless

Terri Schiavo Dies in Florida Hospice - It is our opinion that the only way the family could have saved her life would have been to draw their line in the sand and shown up with a group of supporters willing to give up their lives for the cause. It is clear that when unjust laws are being enforced, and human lives (or a single life) are on the line, that this is the only solution. This was and is an act of war against the handicapped. More details on Terri here.

Revealing FACTS on the ACLU from its own writings - A MUST READ. Read the first stated goal in this article "The ACLU's founder, Roger Baldwin, stated: "We are for SOCIALISM, disarmament, and ultimately for abolishing the state itself... We seek the social ownership of property, the abolition of the propertied class, and the SOLE CONTROL of those who produce wealth. COMMUNISM is the goal." (Source: Trial and Error, by Geo. Grant) "

Despite law, banks foreclose on soldiers - this is a perfect example of how foreign wars serve to destroy the middle class in America and usher inthe New World Order.

George W. Bush, the Frightened Man

Iraqi Lawmakers Fail to Agree on Speaker

Bush Plays Down Iraq Political Disputes

Mahathir: US dollar collapsing




State Workers May Lose 2 of Their Paid Holidays

Deputies looking for missing guns - Firearms disappeared from trunk of squad car - I don't know about you, but I've never lost a gun.

New Fingerprint Technology Developed

Phila. Police Buy Back Unwanted Guns from Public - Here is why these programs are a total waste of tax money: 1. Crooks don't turn in their guns, 2. The guns that ARE turned in are usually non-functioning or collector's items that would not be used in a crime anyway, 3. Gun buy programs actually ENCOURAGE crime by providing a motive for people to steal a gun just to turn it in.

US Has been preparing to turn America into a military dictatorship

Israel is among the holocaust deniers

'Return of the Mac' - coming soon - Big Mac lyrics for artists may pay off BIG! so much for musical talent, creativity and originality

UK trebles military exports to China - Our ally?

IRS May Tax Your EBay Sales 

Colorado Court Bars Execution Because Jurors Consulted Bible

New city police cars will have cameras


Round overshoots mountain, hits in family's back yard

AP: Iran Stockpiling High-Tech Small Arms

What’s Wrong with Public Schools?

Congress considers controls for cable TV and the Internet

National Wealth Tax to Fund Education?

Welfare Junkies

Family Wonders If Prozac Spurred Rampage

Relatives: Did meds play a role?

Prozac web site

Reservist: Knee blows that killed 2 detainees were approved

New Details on F.B.I. Aid for Saudis after 9/11 - Your bribe.. ahem....I mean TAX... dollars at work!

8.2 Earthquake Registered off Sumatra

Los Alamos Muon Detector Could Thwart Nuclear Smugglers

US steps up war on Afghan opium

Pope too ill for Easter services - who will be the next pope and what will his agenda be?


'The clues were all there'.School shooter depicted as deeply disturbed, ignored teen - Read the 7th paragraph - Minn. School Killer was on Prozac!!!

Spying on Citizens - Brevard Law Enforcement Surveillance Chills the Precious Right to Speak Out

Rice Warns Israel Against Settlement Expansion

Minnesota School Shooter Wore Bullet-Proof Vest

US jobless claims rise against expectations - VOTE with your dollar! Buy goods made by your neighbors! Support American based manufacturing and jobs. Every dollar spent on a Chinese good gives them more strength and takes strength away from you and your neighbors.

Senate Bill Would Allow Citizens to Kill Those Who Threaten Them - Thanks, but we've always had that right in America. It's not our fault that everyone hasn't read the Constitution.

Israeli entrepreneurs train to enter U.S. homeland security market

Army Expects Recruiting to Slump Further - I wonder how much money we spent for this amazing conclusion! "Let's see - unpopular war, more soldiers are dying every day. Yeah I think I'll join up."


'One huge US jail'

Powerful Quake Rattles Southern Japan

In pictures: Iraq protests

Worldwide protests mark Iraq war


Pentagon 'hid' damning Halliburton audit

British troops may replace Italians in Iraq

Video games Train Warfighters

White House Heavily Redacts Clinton Papers - Is Bush covering for Clinton?

US detainee death toll 'hits 108' - Imagine if this was 108 Americans in a foreign jail...

Bush Defends Packaged News Stories from Government - Joseph Goebbels is alive and well in Amerika

Auditors Find IRS Employees Vulnerable to Hackers Posing as Information Technology Employees

Fictional ‘24' brings real issue of torture home - legitimizing torture on television

A changed military emerges from Iraq war

Female GIs hard hit by war syndrome

Nothing 'New' in This War

Weapons of mass disinformation - Comments from a listener on this article - "A good critique of socialism and its offshoots. The author of this article does not subscribe to the flawed political model which claims NAZIsm to be right-wing. Instead he lumps "national socialism" with all other socialisms, including communism. A MUST READ

The Death of the Dollar

GM to Cut N.American White-Collar Workers

Iraq's Jaafari aims for Sharia rule

Rumsfeld Laments Iraq Invasion Restriction

UH team locates huge Japanese sub - Researchers discover the wreckage of a giant underwater aircraft carrier scuttled after WWII

Your body and broadband

New technology uses human body for broadband networking

'Tourists beware' when visiting Scotland

Bill would OK use of cameras to track red-lights runners

The hand signal known as "il cornuti" (the devil's hand)


Military Dismantles Cold War Radar Systems

FBI suggests Congress ban gun sales to terrorism suspects

New-look passports

Ice age bacteria brought back to life

Governors Work to Improve H.S. Education


If any of you have read the current Popular Mechanics story about 9/11 theories, you like this well written rebuttal to their article.

Brewer's shotgun advert is banned

CIA challenged on suspects’ torture overseas

Dangerous chemicals in personal care products compromise health

FBI Tracks you on the Internet - Example here (Cute joke)

Troops pay to keep latest assault rifle at home - The Swiss get a better deal than Americans - even though there is a catch

Some interesting quotes about the Us Constitution

WANTED: 250,000 Americans to Fight Fake News & Government Propaganda

Are you a man or a mouse? Chimeric experimentation is producing animal-human hybrids. This time, science really has gone too far

Jewish community lines up to blunt message of anti-Zionist author

Italy plans Iraq troop pull-out

or ar they? Italian troops to stay, after all

US warns China over latest challenge towards Taiwan

3 teens charged with plotting N.B. school attack : Notice that the article states how the attack was planned for April 20th. Ahhhh shades of Columbine, Waco, Oklahoma City, Warsaw ghetto uprising, Lexington and Concord. Don't forget to pay your taxes on that day too. The government can use such stories to further erode our natural, creator-endowed rights.

Web to have 'terror watch' team : Let me see if I have this right. Supposedly these guys have the ability to search for suspicious activity on the net and track it to its source, but they can do nothing about the $7 billion a year in lost productivity caused by worm and virus writers?

Sue Israel, not the bulldozer maker : More lack of personal responsibility : If a drunk driver injures you - sue the bar that served him - not the drunk! Ridiculous!

Bulgaria Latest U.S. Ally Seeking Iraq Pullout

Two years of thefts suspected at airport - Protecting us from terrorists? Or robbing us blind?

Kelly Jones Sparks Airport Security Alert - Musician stopped at airport for wearing a t-shirt with a gun print on it. What's next?

Ex-Halliburton Worker Indicted for Fraud

No Convictions Among Guantanamo Suspects Sent Home

US troops shoot Iraqi general dead: police

Fighting Crime the 11th Century Way... : DON'T TREAD ON ME! The consequences of gun control in Nelson Mandela's socialist South Africa

Sacramento Airport Booty - donated by you? Do you recognize your "terrorist" Swiss army knife?

FBI retires Carnivore - Ahhhh. Now we can all relax...


We Beat Prisoners to Death, Says U.S. Army

Europeans probe CIA role in abductions : Terror suspects possibly taken to nations that torture

America's wackiest taxes : You might pay taxes on illegal drugs, Pepsi, playing cards, and being a star, and that's not all.


The Bill of Rights: Due Process of Law

The Gulag: Lest We Forget

Unnecessary Tragedy

A stampede against justice : A return to the star- chamber courts of medieval Britain

When the anti-Israel sentiment comes from within

A judgment call - An interesting article on the anti-gun nuts...

Food and Cancer, the Best and the Worst

Suing the Climate Changers : From the article : "Specifically, the 3rd IPCC (International Panel on Climate Change) assessment report, issued in 2001, provided the necessary legal basis by stating that most of the observed warming over the last 50 years is "likely" to have been caused by human-generated greenhouse gas emissions. In courts, "likely" is a defined term meaning that there is 66 percent to 90 percent confidence in a fact. In most of the world's civil courts, a 51 percent certainty is enough to establish a fact before the court. SCARY!!!!

Possibility of Growing New Teeth Envisioned

Ex-Marine Says Public Version of Saddam Capture Fiction

Girl Scouts Vow To Take On NYPD In Cookie Ticket Flap : Methinks it is time to revolt against the "king" of big government!

Is International Law Really Law? From the article : "Treaties are "law" only for U.S. domestic purposes. In their international operation, treaties are simply "political," and not legally binding. " The opinion of the same hypocrite neo-con and CFR member that expects other nations to comply with treaties they have signed. 

VIDEO : Cop Shoots Himself, In A School! This cop is giving a gun safety lecture and then accidently shoots himself! "Only cops should have guns"

Absorbed By the State

FBI Work Challenged, Conviction Negated

Legislation Introduced to Protect Vaccine Manufacturers from Product Liability Litigation; SafeMinds Urges Opposition to HR 650 : With autism on the rise, U.S. Congress comes to the aid of vaccine manufacturers

Agribusiness giant Monsanto faces criminal and civil charges in the United States for bribery and other offences committed in Indonesia.

News Links in regards to the Padilla case

United Religions Initiative Web site creating a one world religion


When walls have ears...

Greenspan Touts Idea of a Consumption Tax

House OKs Bill on Faith-Based Jobs




Maximum pain is aim of new US weapon

Syrian Troops to Begin Withdrawal Monday

Taiwan experiences double whammy of quakes

Terror suspects to be kept in jail : CHARLES CLARKE is preparing to defy Britainís most senior judges by keeping 10 foreign terror suspects in jail without charge despite the law lords ruling that it would be illegal."I am above the law!!!"

'Reckless' nuclear plant dumps waste on beaches

Saving Private Lynch story 'flawed'

Al-Qaeda 'has 200 on UK streets'

Back off or suffer oil shock: Tehran

Seafloor earthquakes signal eruption off Vancouver Island

Arar fights for right to see secret evidence


Tracking PCs anywhere on the Net

Is America going broke?

Have a blog, lose your job?

U.S.: Syria Pledge Not Enough

Internet music pirates made to pay up

Wells Fargo Web-enables 6,200 ATMs

Israeli bank 'in laundering scam'

Gas prices set to rocket

Magnitude 5.2 - OFF THE COAST OF OREGON 2005 March 7 02:34:33 UTC

Study: More Using Web for Political News

Italy's relations with US soured by attack on hostage

Taser sales to public worry officers

For the U.S., the drug war is still an uphill battle

So much for illusions

The Strange Case of Ahmed Omar Abu Ali: Troubling Questions about the Government's Motives and Tactics

Gun Nuts at 30,000 Feet?

U.N. influence on court's juvenile execution ban : In 5-4 case, majority ruling based on global treaties, foreign opinions

Mara Salvatruchas to take on the Minutemen vigilantes

Coming From Microsoft: Robot Babysitters?



Drugs to combat superbugs 'will soon be useless'


Q&A: Putting Saddam on trial

Bush Pushes Faith-Based Initiative

Afghan heroin crop threatens to flood UK

Preliminary Earthquake Report - Another one

The new religion is global warming

Introduction To The Treasonous International Bar Association

U.S. Soldier Fights To Keep Home While In Iraq - Don't you love banks?

In Vermont, a Town-Meeting revolt over Iraq war

State Dept. Study Cites Torture of Prisoners

Supreme Court Bars Death Penalty for Juvenile Killers

Heads roll at Veterans Administration - Mushrooming depleted uranium (DU) scandal blamed

Dollar Loses Ground to Yen, Euro, Pound

Few companies have to tell when identity thieves strike

U.N. shuffles on rape cases - Annan claims 'very firm measures' amid continuing sex-abuse scandal

German banks cozy with ex-commies - Latest revelation involving Putin steps up scrutiny of questionable ties

Author: Stop loophole for drug firms - Pharmaceuticals based in Puerto Rico pay no taxes to Washington

Padilla must be released or charged, federal judge rules - Terrorism suspect can’t be held indefinitely; government gets 45 days to make its case

Lighters to be banned on airline flights

Bill would let workers sue if boss hires illegally

New Theory: How to Make Objects Invisible

Aussie scientists stumble across HIV therapy

Bush's budget – the welfare state lives

Anti-gun activist arrested after firearm found at home

Wolfowitz and Fiorina in race to head World Bank - Neo-Con to Run World Bank?

SC activist using legislature to remind citizens, teach children that they have a Bill of Rights

Life-long Republican believes only piece of Flight 77 wreckage was planted at Pentagon on 9/11

Former aide: Relationships more important than history - Doug Wead, who exposed secret recordings with President Bush, says he wants to get the tapes "back to the president to whom they belong"



Las Vegas Resorts Insert RFID Chips in Casino Chips from Canada web site

EU offers privacy guidelines for RFID

Parents, Civil Liberties Groups Protest RFID Child Monitoring


Agencies Warned to Halt Fake News Videos



The Wal-Martization of America - STOP SHOPPING AT WAL-MART!!!!!!!!


Wireless networks open to stealth attacks

FBI Says Its Name Being Used to Spread Computer Virus


America on a Collision Course with Russia

Control all 'tyrannical' world oil chokepoints? A Peek Behind Bush II's 'War on Tyranny' : A dangerous next step from the "War on Terror".

'America would back Israel attack on Iran'

Chertoff Created Terror Pretexts for US Police State

Communitarianism - The New Enforced Life

ID checks to toughen for Americans re-entering country

Aircraft now a priority, experts urge : More on the coming war with China

One question each: Europe's leaders are awarded topics for their presidential chat

American troops prepare for assault on Sunni stronghold : We're soooo glad the war is over and the election has been held so that this kind of thing doesn't happen anymore.

An Elective Despotism : Here is a detailed analysis on the evils of "democracy"

Terrorists' use of Internet spreads

Aboard Air CIA

Eminent domain abuse

India-Iran to discuss gas pipeline

Military offering more, and bigger, bonuses

U.S. Troops Doubled In Afghan Army

E-mail gaffe reveals HIV, AIDS names

Palestinians Welcome 500 Freed Prisoners

Spain voters approve EU charter

Russia Says Ukraine, Georgia Are Sovereign Russia Says Ukraine, Georgia Are Sovereign

Mexican Assassins a Growing Threat in Texas

State posts names of delinquent taxpayers on Web

Hunter S. Thompson shoots self in head

List of Murdered Scientists

Congress Considers Evacuation Tracking

They’ve Got Your Number (and More) by Gary North

No Knife Charges for PA Justice

Business As Usual? Halliburton’s CEO says his company is pulling out of Iran. But a corporate subsidiary is still going ahead with a deal to develop Tehran’s natural gas fields

Syria slams US, Israel

Brightest galactic flash ever detected hits Earth

Bush tapes

New U.S. - Iraq operation

Aboard Air C.I.A.


Gay outrage over penguin sex test

Penguins can stay gay

Government May Close Some Airport Towers

Greenspan on "private" social security

More identity theft

Same old news - people aren't responsible for their own actions

Pentagon prepares to build £70bn robot army : As if high tech is supposed to guarantee victory on the battlefield. Vietnam is a prime example.

Iran, Syria vow `united front' - Take a good look at a map. A US real attack on either Syria or Iran would put our troops in Iraq facing a two-front war along with the iraq insurgency. And Israel's sense of being able to bomb Iran with impunity, because of having the US forces in Iraq as a bulwark, just went out the window as Iran can flank Israel through Syria. Russia is ready to hand both nations weapons which can equal the US systems, and the sandstorm season is about to start, negating US air superiority.

Energy secretary pushes to ramp up U.S. ability to test nuke bombs

Freedom of Speech in Canada - GONE. Student's question curtails Rideau Hall visit

Rabbi confirms the dark role of Jews in the slave trade

Fired Campbell lawmen to plead guilty to charges that stem from suspect's torture

Giving Until It Hurts - Many Russians are opening their wallets against their will, saying they're victims of 'street hypnosis.' The problem has deep roots.

IRS OVERTAXED? Growing Protest Movement Too Much for Revenuers Comment from Doyel : "This article shows strong socialist leanings, but does speak of the fact which I and the trust lawyers have discovered. That is the IRS and State entities going to 3rd party collection agenies to collect supposed debt. They often use trickery about where the debt is owed to entice the victim into agreeing to pay it off. Sometimes referring to a given bank, who NOW holds the "debt", and saying that it is just an attempt to collect. With so many people in a debt quagmire, involving untold number of undersigners, they often fall for this phony debt collection. Once the collection process is initiated by the private collector, usually through huge reductions in the total to entice, the supposed debtor enters an agreement. Then the debt status is turned over to the IRS as voluntary admission of debt and the person is trapped."

Dramatic Development: U.S. Court of Appeals Rules IRS Cannot Apply Force Against A Tax Payer Without A Court Order

FBI examines pastor’s sermons on abortion & homosexuality

Should people be allowed to openly carry firearms in governmental buildings? : A Poll

When All Drugs Were Legal....There Wasn't a Drugs Problem

Axis Of Spies

Toll to drive downtown?

Display Stirs Controversy In Land Park : Soldier's Uniform Hangs From Noose In Front Of Home

'Mad cow' disease found in goat : So much for the 'safety' of goat's cheese

The Official Mad Cow Disease Home Page

At least six challenges lodged against Iraq election results

Poland's Communist informers caught red-handed on the Net

U.S. contractors in Iraq allege abuses

Analysis: U.S. targets Syria

Iran: U.S. Spy Drones Fly Over Nuke Sites


NATIONAL INTELLIGENCE DIRECTOR CANDIDATE COVERED UP OKC BOMBING : Please take note of what is said in paragraph 10. It is what we have been saying all along.

Hemp getting a bad rap again

CNN news executive quits following controversy

What does Freedom Really Mean?


Sister Lucia, last Fatima seer, dead at 97

China Shuts More Than 12,000 Internet Cafes

Trapped in America

Veterans Find Some Things Hard To 'Chu'


States Mull Taxing Drivers By Mile

02/15/04 Updated : Tuesday, February 15, 2005 10:30 AM

Native art 'Made in China'?

Military Personnel Wounded in Iraq & Afghanistan: A Photo Gallery warning: 2 of the photos are graphic

The Federal Zone: Cracking the Code of Internal Revenue


Never Say Die: Live Forever 

Bacteriological Warfare!

ANALYSIS - Iran nuclear row could spiral out of control

Yad Vashem: Nazi soap stories `invention'

Official says hundreds of U.S. citizens likely died in gulags

The Ten Best Writers On The Internet : Always Read The Stories These People Write - A subjective list - but a good one nonetheless. And, as always, "Read everyone, believe noone until you can prove it in your own research."

Vaccines at gunpoint?

02/13/05 7pm

Uncle Sam and his 40,000 snoopers - Let's go back 35 years when everyone in America was free... Right?

Austrians sold 800 sniper rifles to Iran; U.S. protests

Canada Backs Terminator Seeds

NASA Mourns Loss of Original Mercury 7 Astronaut Gordon Cooper

U.S. Officials Accuse DuPont of Concealing Teflon Ingredient's Health Risk

US grants N Korea nuclear funds - Say What?

Former CIA Director George Tenet Presented With ADL'S Highest Honor

Vaccine findings confirm fears - Some parents long suspected mercury levels were too high.

10 million iPods, previewing the CD's end


Shiites Win Nearly Half of Iraqi Votes

Oil Detected in Louisville Water Intakes

U.S. Warns EU Firms to Stay Away from Iran-Diplomats

Congress Puts Spyware on Hit List 

Genocides, Politicides, and Other Mass Murder Since 1945, With Stages in 2002 - Another reason why gun control does not work

Bush Pushes World Leaders on Democracy - Democracy is the code-word for socialism

U.S. Terror Program Recruiting Truckers - another attempt at creating a "fifth column" in the US

Rep. Jackson-Lee Wants to Change Definition of 'Occupying Force' - If only Orwell had seen this

Officials Rethinking Public Terror Alerts

Nat'l Guard Wants to Offer $15,000 Bonuses

Iran Says It Will Never Scrap Nuke Program - While nations still exist and we're not under the command of a "one world government", why would a nation give up their right to arm themselves?

Homeland Security Centers at Risk Due to Funding

Sunni Clerics: Iraqi Vote Illegitimate

Russia Hints at Willingness to Sell Advanced Bombers to China - They can only afford to buy them because AMERICANS continue to buy Chinese products. BUY AMERICAN!!!! What part of "$MADE $ IN $ CHINA $" don't you understand?

Russia Won't Renounce Hitler-Stalin Deal

Police Report Recommends Suspending Handgun ID System

U.N. Report Advocates Abortion, Attacks Christians - The attacks continue. WAKE UP! They'll only get worse...

Military Planning to Fingerprint Recruits

FBI Fights for Limited Document Searches

Parents Protest Student Computer ID Tags - This is just the start.

The Ghosts of Nuremberg

'Philadelphia 5' arrests like 'Christian Rodney King'

Right to Travel

Ten Things We Learned About 911 In 2004

Self-Portrait in a Tortured World

N Korea's statement in full - Yes they have nukes.

Citizenship check for licenses OK'd




The Hidden Hazards Of Microwave Cooking

Sharon, Abbas Agree to Halt Mideast Violence

What to do when Officer Friendly comes a calling


1 in 3 teens says First Amendment goes 'too far'

Congress proposes tax on all Net, data connections

ADD & ADHD Epidemic of a Phantom Disease

You can kill a burglar if you have to, but not if you want to

New Estimate of Smoking Costs Misleading

Hydrogen’s Empty Environmental Promise



US Declares Iraqis Must Destroy Their Own Seeds

Bush To Impose Psychiatric Drug Regime

No Child Left Un-drugged

Cancer, Not Heart Disease, Is Now America's Top Killer

Another Victory for Student Rights: School Officials Settle Case With Student After Prohibiting Her From Distributing Invitations to After-School Church Event

A Christian Minister Speaks Out with Clarity and Conviction


State Judicial Conduct Organizations

Afghanistan introduces 'poppy eradication year'


Global Aging


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