Hour of the Time


Hour of the Time is available online at http://www.wbcq.com/modules.php?name=Web_Links&l_op=viewlink&cid=7. We broadcast on the 7.415 Mhz feed so be sure to select the correct station! In order to listen online you must first install a player that can handle streaming audio. Winamp3 is a free download and from our tests works very well and remains stable during the broadcasts.
To Install Winamp
1 > Go To www.winamp.com
2 > Click on The Winamp Tab at the top of the page OR Click on "Download Winamp Now" in the graphic on the main page.
3 > To select the full version click on "Begin Download"
4 > Select "Open" from the File Download window that pops up. Follow the easy onscreen instructions to complete the Winamp 3 install.
Note: If the install does not work, go back to step 4 and select the "Save" option in order to download the winamp installer to a known location on your harddrive. You will then need to go to that file location to run the installer by double clicking on the executible file. (filename winamp3_0-full.exe)
You will need to allow winamp to run once in order to set the file associations before going to the WBCQ Home page. In other words you must allow winamp to configure itself to accept the streaming audio files you will be downloading from WBCQ. This is done automatically on firstrun of the program. Winamp will automatically launch whenever you select a streaming audio feed from this point on.
To Listen to Hour of the Time or any other WBCQ program, use your browser to connect to http://www.wbcq.com/modules/news/. Under WBCQ Hot Links click on the second link in the list titled "WBCQ 7415 Live Webcast" Winamp will take a few moments to negotiate the connection and once connected you will be able to listen to the streaming audio. (please ensure that the in your volume settings the "wave" volume is up and not muted)


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