Hour of the Time Podcast for 08/25/09

You’ve asked for it – now here it is! Another classic William Cooper broadcast entitled “Mystery Of Fulcanelli”.  Please enjoy it, and remember we are listener supported.  We’re sure you’ll enjoy either of our two new DVD releases, The Fourth World, or John Daniel’s 4 DVD set. Visit the HOTT Shop for more details.  By donating for these DVDs you help to support this cause, plus you get great research material!


  1. I just got my John Daniel 4 DVD set and have watched one of them so far. Great material! Nice to see the speech again! Thanks to HOTT for putting this one out. If you are not a John Daniel fan, you will be one after seeing these DVDs. Also be sure to order the “Scarlet and the Beast” series from HOTT. Cooper was also a fan of the work. Once you hear it, you’ll know why. Some of the best material available.