John Doyel Shamley Alive and Well

The rumors circulating this week (April 9th, 2003) concerning the disappearance of John Doyel Shamley, the host for the Hour Of The Time, are completely unfounded and appear to have been an overreaction on the part of a few listeners. As always, please check THIS website ( and e-mail us HERE if you have any questions regarding what is happening with the Hour Of The Time. This is the OFFICIAL website of the Hour Of The Time radio show, and is owned by the copyright owners of all of William Cooper's archive material. We are the sole proprietors of the William Cooper research center in Eagar, Arizona. We continue to broadcast the Hour of The Time nightly, Monday through Thursday, 7pm Mountain, 10PM EST.


The rumors started when an announcement was made on WBCQ by Allan Weiner indicating he had not had any contact with Mr. Shamley for about 2 weeks. Mention was also made of some moneys owed to WBCQ for airtime which have gone unpaid. The unpaid moneys are a left over headache from our old website which was to have been paying these moneys and taking Internet orders. More information on this is available HERE. The following day Mr. Shamley did contact WBCQ and has made arrangements to take care of these debts. WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT to continue this broadcast. Please seriously consider what you can send to help keep us on the air.

If you would like to contact us you can write to us at :


PO Box 940

Eagar, Arizona


Or by e-mail

to Hour of the Time

Or to the WEBMASTER of this new website.

We will reply quickly to any inquiries you may have.


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