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Corporate Symbology Part 1 - Part 2 SOON!

Bill always taught us to be diligent in our research and observant in our day to day activities. We are surrounded with symbols in our homes, on our televisions, and in industry. We have assembled this page to help you understand the symbols around you which in time will enable you to understand an entirely new language - one that is being spoken continually without the knowledge of the sheople. We encourage you to send us any logos or other symbols you find in your research so we may add them to this page.

Symbol Origin Brief Explanation
Alliance Atlantis Film Studio

This is a 'classic' use of the pyramid as a symbol of the illumined man. Their animated version shows a point of light traveling from the bottom left of the image to the top of the pyramid where it then twinkles. This pyramid seems to include the boat of Isis in gold as well. (Or perhaps even the entire pyramid if inverted.) While the exoteric meaning of alchemy has always been turning lead into gold, the esoteric has always meant turning man into God. The "Atlantis" part of their name should be obvious...

Any ideas? E-mail us!

Lucent Technologies See Next Item
Lucent Technologies Just the name alone should scare you (It has been rumored to stand for Lucifer's Enterprise) but combined with the symbol we have an amazingly bold statement. This red ring of fire clearly implies Luciferian philosophy at work in the minds of the corporate heads of Lucent. These symbols all point to the same message - the fire of knowledge. Lucent uses many other symbolic names in their products and programming languages.
Lucent Technologies Just in case you needed more convincing here's just one of their products.

Apple Computer Corporation

Yes, even the folks at Apple are guilty of this type of esoteria. What we see here is the forbidden fruit of the Garden of Eden. Clearly the fruit has been sampled and we must infer from this that our friends at Apple have great knowledge of the Luciferian philosophy and are working their way towards being Gods. This Gnosis is what Satan promised Adam and Eve isn't it?


Apple also claims Newton as one of the gentlemen that inspired them, but the bite out of the apple clearly indicates a different meaning than the famous apple that hit Newton in the head. Other rumours have it that Steve Jobs worked in an Apple orchard and, combined with his love for the Beatles (recorded on the Apple Record label), chose this symbol as his own.

Also note the "powered by Darwin" logo - straight from Apple.

CBS Broadcasting

This is one of the easy ones to interpret. What you're looking at here is none other than the famous "All Seeing Eye", the same symbol seen on the back of the US $1 bill at the top of the pyramid. Also known as the eye of Horus.

Shell Corporation

The shell seen here is similar to the NBC peacock logo. Both represent the sun and its rays. These rays of light represent the esoteric knowledge that man can become God through scientific knowledge. Absent from all of this philosophy is a spirituality and a supreme creator being. When anything of the sort is mentioned, it is understood by the illumined that it is allegory only.

Esso / Exxon Corporation The lion has always been a symbol of the initiate in the mystery schools. We wonder if the tiger Exxon uses is a derivative of this. According to their website they have no idea where the symbol came from. The masses are referred to as sheep or cattle while the illumined one is the king of the jungle - the lion. Mobil makes extensive use of Pegasus as well in their brand labeling. Some have claimed the Exxon XXs are a blatant symbol of the Double Cross - quite possible we suppose.
Paramount Studios A radiant circle of stars surrounds the pinnacle of the mountain which is a substitute for the classic pyramid structure generally more often used. Still, we have the same basic principles at work here, a symbol of the initiate who is the grandest one, perhaps the other peaks represent other initiates who have not yet attained perfection.
Columbia Tristar

Note the use of the statue of liberty (A woman wearing a corona of light (the sun)) symbolic of Isis, holding a lit torch (knowledge). And of course, here we have Pegasus again!! Isn't he popular?!!


The "Sun - Oil - Company" Need we say more?

From their website : "It was a new look in 1981 when the word SUN in blue block letters on a white sunburst became the identifying symbol of the company. Keeping its familiar Sunoco Diamond and DX symbols at the pump "

General Motors

While their symbol seems pretty innocent, look at the names of many of the motor vehicles they manufacture : Pontiac SUNFIRE, FIREBIRD, Chevrolet LUMINA, SATURN. They also tout "Onstar" as one of their proudest options. The blue sun is probably due to corporate color restrictions, with the bright white star of the morning - Lucifer!

To be fair, GM isn't the only one : Think MAZDA (do you know who Mazda was?), Ford Taurus, and many many others. These are all symbols of something people - WAKE UP! You're being tricked!

Sun Life

There are literally hundreds of companies using the sun as their symbol. Don't you think they'd all be screaming LAWSUIT if there wasn't a common principle that they all shared. Almost a way to communicate with each other that they share the same beliefs. A secret code. Here we see what appears to be the earth protected by the glorious rays of illumination from the sun. The yin and yang (of the earth) may also be intentionally implied here.

Are you beginning to understand?

Monsanto Take special notice of the emphasized AG in their 'imagine' wordmark. AG of course representing the Periodic Table of elements symbol for silver. Ah-ha! Representative perhaps of the as yet incomplete process of alchemy? We are silver now - not yet the gold enlightened beings? Turning lead into gold. The transmutation of the ignorant base ape into the god of modern man. Knowledge. Power. Light.
Sun Microsystems

Sun Microsystems...

Hmm. Need we say anything more?

CBC Television Another appearance of the sun! The other perspective may be from the top of a pyramid - we can see various levels of initiation implied in this symbol with the sun at the center as the main object.

Global Television

Crescent Sun/Boat of Isis Symbol

They also make use of a red sun with the words GLOBAL over top of it.

Here we see their morning show logo combining both logos in one. When multiple symbols like this are used there can be no doubt their use is intentional.

AOL Time Warner The "eye of Horus" in the center surrounded by three 6's which form a pyramid. Trust us folks - this is all intentional.
Lucis Trust Pyramid shaped sunburst in the center of a radiant glowing circle representing once again the levels of initiation and the light of knowledge. Definite consciously implied light and sun symbols.

Website link unavailable at present

But try this related link


This overtly obvious Masonic symbol is no longer available on their website. We see the eye of the sun or the eye of Horus looking down at the world from its' vantage point atop a pyramid. This is an indication that the all knowing ones are watching the entire planet from their elevated illumined state.
AIM TRIMARK Another variation of the pyramid - based on the letter A in their name. Indicates a clear understanding of the Luciferian/pagan ideals by the logo designers.
Fidelity Investments Just like on the US $1 Bill. We see an Egyptian pyramid representing the gradual steps of knowledge and the initiation to higher more illumined levels of gnosis. The separated capstone with the glowing rays of the sun represents the master architect of the universe.

Time Warner Cable

Use of the spiral which is a blatant reference to the sun, combined with the commonly used eye symbol.

Compare it with the Eye of Ra seen in gold. Don't the two symbols share a lot in common?

Southway Inn

Classic use of a sun symbol, probably intentional, communicating to the "illumined" that this might be a nice place to stay!

Not every use of the sun as a corporate symbol is used consciously by the designer or owners of these companies but the fact that this symbol is so prevalent should cause us to raise an eyebrow or two.


Could the Toyota symbol be a sun or an eye as well? With the smaller "eye" at the top of the main "sun" we could be seeing an indication of knowledge of the levels of illumination.

One thing to note is they also sell a car called the "Solara".

Better Business Bureau This better business bureau icon shows a fiery torch - much like the Olympic torch. Yet another fire worship symbol. The torch of knowledge. Prometheus gave man the gift of fire - intellect! (Or so the myths tell us...)

No known website

Taken from a hang tag on a candle.

This is a very common sun symbol. Here we see the personification of the sun indicating a transformation from the sun being worshiped as a SYMBOL of the almighty God, to the point where the sun is considered to be the almighty.
The Ottawa Sun OK, another simple one. Deliberate use of the sun symbol directly meaning illumination of the people - in this case through the use of a daily newspaper. This is a major newspaper chain in Canada. Other newspapers throughout the world use this symbol as their trademark as well.
Cirque Du Soleil

Ok folks, I making this too easy now. Cirque du Soleil is French for "Circus of the Sun".

Their name and symbol speak for themselves. The question you should be asking yourselves is "What do their stage presentations represent?". This type of involved analysis would take more space than we have available for this corporate symbology section.

Their new program on Canadian television is called "Solstrum". Figure it out for yourselves...

Hard Rock Cafe

Another easily recognized use of the illumined sun - representing light and knowledge.

Is rock and roll the music of Lucifer? We're not sure but this could be his favorite restaurant!

Ronald McDonald House

This Toronto charity sponsored by the Mcdonalds fast food chain shows a dominant sun symbol.


Also note the use of the number "13" in their logo(s).


Boutique Seduction


Use of the apple here indicates, of course, the same apple that Apple Computer is using. In this case a sex shop in Montreal Canada uses this as their logo to glamorize and normalize graphic sexuality and by extension the fall of man.

The hexagram used in Luciferian worship may have it's origin in the hexagram of the apple core. Knowledge and science are once again promised to mankind by those who would have us turn our backs on God, as the solution to eternal life. After all - man is God isn't he???

Comfort Inn

The various levels of light in this symbol show us that the designers want to imply a knowledge of the levels of initiation a candidate must pass through to become fully illumined. The top most section of this sun symbol is the most brilliant indicating that only those at the top have the true knowledge.


Days Inn

Why aren't all of these companies that use this sun symbol sueing each other in court over copyright infringement?

It's because they are all conscious of their choice of this symbol as a way to speak to each other through "occult" (HIDDEN) language. These symbols speak volumes without ever using a single word.

Dairy Queen

The now familiar Eye of Ra/Eye of Horus we've come to recognize everywhere.

Why wouldn't Dairy Queen have a happy cow or crazy banana as their symbol? Wouldn't this be more appropriate for an ice cream treat company? Think about this for all of the other companies listed here as well. It should be obvious there is more to this corporate symbol game than mere chance. These symbols should be speaking very loud to you.

Ameritrade Here we see the classic pryamid with a radiant top, indicating the illumined elite.

Arby's Notice the use of the number "13" in the Arby's logo.



The tailfeathers of the peacock represent the various colors of the spectrum, or light. This light we have come to know is representative of being illumined or all-knowing. Another thinly veiled sun symbol.


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