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  1. Wonderful and excellent read. Mr. Cooper was certainly a truth warrior, doubt it not! For those of you who think that his claims are ‘outlandish’ then you truly haven’t done your homework. The mass (hysteria media) keeps us/you enslaved. keeps us locked in the ‘dogma’ that the shadow masters wish us to wallow in.

    For myself I first heard about Mr. Cooper back in 2004 when I was already traveling down the path that he himself had already blazed. It should be noted that just prior to his immoral and unfortunate demise Mr. Cooper had come to the factual conclusion that Aliens are a cruel and deliberate ruse…A fake/false ‘Alien invasion’ is coming soon!

    This will be the the worst hoax ever perpetrated upon all of mankind…In other words truth is certainly is stranger than fiction. The mass media both lies and conditions us, and thereby controls us while moving us into the direction that ‘they’ chose. As outlandish as Mr. Coopers claims appear too be…serious thought should be given to his message.

  2. Donde podemos encontrar todo el material de trabajo que dejó nuestro entrañable Bill Cooper, en español, millones de habla hispana lo seguimos. Muchas gracias.

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