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AMA Special Interest Group (SIG) Web Sites

American Scale Dogfighters Association (ASDA)

International Miniature Aerobatic Club (IMAC)

International Miniature Aircraft Association (IMAA)

International Radio Controlled Helicopter Association (IRCHA)

Jet Pilots Organization (JPO)

League of Silent Flight (LSF)

Miniature Aircraft Combat Association (MACA)

National Association of Scale Aeromodelers (NASA)

National Control Line Racing Association (NCLRA)

National Free Flight Society (NFFS)

National Miniature Pylon Racing Association (NMPRA)

National Society of Radio Controlled Aerobatics (NSRCA)

Scale Warbird Racing Association (SWRA)

Society of Antique Modelers (SAM)


Other Related Organizations


Aero Modelers Surinam

British Model Flying Association (BMFA)
Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA)
Federation Aeronautique Internationale (FAI)
Model Aeronautics Association of Canada
National Aeronautic Association (NAA)


Largest Electric Flight Page

The E Zone


Supplier's & Manufacturers !


A & A Industries

Online Modeling Auction Kits, Engines, Radios, and more !


ALTEC Marketing

Enya Model Engines Distributor



Electric Flight Productsj - Motors - Controllers - Battery Packs - Chargers - Gear Boxes


Tower Hobbies Home Page

Everything You Need In Modeling !


The R/C Web Directory


Giant Scale Engines & Accessories !


BVM Jets


Cactus Aviation

3W Engines


DU-BRO Products


Great Planes


Good Selection & Prices !


Kyosho Kits


Another Good Supplier, Full Service !


Hitec Radio Systems


This to is a very good Suppliers Web Site !




OS Engines


NORVEL Engines


Technopower Radial Engines





rec.models.rc rec.models.scale


Links to Other Sites Which Support the Safety, Hobby, and Sport of Aeromodeling


Complete RC WebSites Index

Radio Control Links Worldwide


Blue Sky Aviation
Control Line
Edmonton Radio Control Society
Gas Turbine Builders Association
Great American R/C Air Show
Indoor Model Airplanes
Jets Over Mid-America
Lindberg's Prop Shop
Loudoun County Aeromodelers Association
Memphis Belle Classic
Prince Albert Aero Modellers
RC Pattern Aerobatics
R/C Tips
San Antonio R/C
Scale R/C Combat
Stuka Stunt Works



Scale Aerobatics


R/C Help Guide !

Another good site for R/C Help Info.!



Academy of Model Aeronautics Web Site !

Offical A.M.A. site. Everything You need To Know about A.M.A. !


AMA Chartered Club Web Sites


3M R/C Flyers

Aeromodelers of Perrine

Alabaster Radio Control Association

Albuquerque Radio Control Club

Aloha State Radio Control Club

American Turf Flyers

Angelo Radio Control Club

Arizona Model Aviators

Arizona Radio Control Society

Arizona Rotary Modelers Society

Arvada Associated Modelers

Atlanta R/C Club

Azalea City Model Aeronautics

Balsa Bandits

Bay Area R/C Flyers

Bay Area Radio Control Society

Bay City Flyers

Belleville R/C Flyers

Benton County Flying Tigers

Bibb County R/C Modelers

Big Sky R/C Modelers

Billings Flying Mustangs

BlackHawk R/C Pilots

Black Hills Aeromodelers

Black Sheep Squadron

Blennerhassett Area Radio Control Club

Bong Eagles Free Flight Model Airplane Club

Brandon Model Flyers

Brookings Aeromates

Brooklyn Skyscrapers

Broward County R/C Association

Butte Radio Control Club

Buzzard Gulch Aeromodelers Club

Cape Ann R/C Model Club

Capital Area Soaring Association

Cascade Model Helicopter Club

Cascade Rotory Wings

Catalina Radio Control Modelers

Cedar Rapids Skyhawks

Central Carolina Radio Control Modelers

Central Jersey R/C Club

Central Oklahoma Radio Control Society

Charles River Radio Controllers

Charlotte Aeromodelers

Chattahoochee Riverside Flyers

Checkerboard Field R/C Club

Chesapeake Bay Radio Control Club

Chester County Radio Control Club

Chipola R/C Aviators

Cincinnati Soaring Society

Circle Cutters

Cobb County Radio Control Modelers Club

Columbia R/C Club

Colusa County AeroModelers

Crestview Model Aviators

Crystal River R/C World

D.C. Radio Control Club

Dallas Electric Aircraft Fliers

Davenport Radio Control Society

Dayton Wingmasters

Decatur Model Airplane Club

Delaware County R/C Club

Des Moines Modelaires Club

Discover Flying R/C Club

Eglin Aeromodellers

Electric Flyers Only Club

Endless Mountains R/C Flying Club

Evergreen Radio Modelers Association

F-Troop of Southern California

Fauquier Aero-Recreation Modelers

Fayette Flyers of Georgia

Fern Prairie Modelers

FlightMasters of Klamath Falls

Fly-A-Ways R/C Airplane Club

Flying Cardinals of Northern Kentucky

Flying Circuits

Flying Cowboys R/C Club

Flying Electrons

Flying Gator Model Aircraft Club of Gainesville

Flying Pilgrims

Fort Bend R/C Club

Franklin County Miniature Aircraft Club

Franklin County Radio Control Club

Frederick Model Aircraft Club

Frequent C Flyers

Genesee Valley Aero Modelers

Georgia Aircraft Modelers Association

Grande Ronde Bush Pilots

Greater Cincinnati Radio Control Club

Greenville Flying Pirates

Hampshire County Radio Controllers

Hardin County Flying Colors

Harris Hill Lift Over Drag R/C Sailplane

Hedgehoppers R/C Flying Club

Hemet Model Masters

Hendersonville Radio Control Club

Highlands Radio Control Club

Hildebran R/C Aero-Modelers

Huntington County Modelers

Indian City Radio Control Club

Indianapolis Westside R/C Modelers

Indy R/C South

Iowa City Aerohawks

Jefco Aeromod'lers Club

Jetero R/C Club

Johnson County R/C Barnstormers Club

Kansas City Northern Knights

Kentucky Radio Control

Key City Bald Eagles

Kilbourn Flyers

La Sierra Slope Soarers

Lake County Radio Control Club

Lisle Aero

Lockheed Martin Radio Control Modelers

Long Island Silent Flyers

Lorain County R/C Club

Louisville Area Soaring Society

Louisville Radio Control Club

Love-Air R/C Club

Lower Columbia R/C Society

Madison Area Radio Control Society

Manned Spacecraft Center R/C Club

Maryland Helicopter Association

Maumelle Sky Tigers

Mid Hudson R/C Society

Mid-Virginia Radio Control

Midland R/C Modelers Club

Midnight Sun R/C Club

Millington Barnstormers

Millis Model Aircraft Club

Minneapolis Piston Poppers

Mississippi Coast R/C Club

Monroe Area Cloud Busters

Mount Rainier Radio Control Society

Mt. Airy R/C

Muroc Model Masters

New Hampshire Flying Tigers

New Orleans Model Aircraft Club

North Alabama Silent Flyers

North Country Model Controllers

Northern Utah R/C Aircraft Club

Northern Virginia Radio Control Club

Odessa Propbusters R/C Club

Oklahoma Radio Kontrol Society, The (TORKS)

Orange County Radio Control Club

Orlando Radio Control Helicopter Society, The (TORCHS)

Owatonna R/C Modelers

Ozone Radio Control Club

Palatka Sunflyers

Palm Beach Aero Club

Palomar R/C Flyers

Palos R/C Flying Club

Peninsula Channel Commanders

Pennsylvania Avenue Radio Control Society

Perry R/C Flyers

Pikes Peak R/C Club

Platte Valley R/C's

Portland Area Sailplane Society

Portland Skyknights

Prince Georges Radio Control Club

Prop Nuts R/C Club

Propsnappers R/C Club

Puerto Rico R/C Modeler's Club

Puget Sound Rocs

Puget Sound Silent Fliers

Queen City Radio Controlled Aircraft

RC BEES of Santa Cruz County

R/C Propbusters

R/C Short Circuits

Radio Control Club of Detroit

Radio Control Club of Rochester

Radio Control Society of Marine Park

Raleigh Durham R/C

Red River R/C Flyers

Redding Area Miniature Aircraft Club

Redwood Empire Modelers Association

Reston Radio Control Club

Ribcrackers Model Airplane Club of Detroit

Rice County (NM) Radio Control Flyers

Richard Caswell Aeronauts

Richardson Radio Control Club

Richmond Area Radio Control

Richmond Model Flying Club

Rio Rancho Radio Control Club

Rivanna Radio Control Club

River City Radio Controllers

Rock Valley R/C Flyers

Rocket City R/C Club of Florida

Rocky Mountain Modeleers R/C Club

Roxbury Area Model Airplane Club

Saint Joseph Barnstormers

Saint Louis Aero Pilots

Salem Barnstormers

Salinas Area Modelers

San Fernando Valley Giant Scale Squadron

San Jose Wavemasters R/C Club

Sangamon Valley R/C Flyers

Santa Clara County Model Aircraft Skypark, Tomcats

Sarasota RC Squadron

Schaghticoke Prop Busters

Screamin' Eagles R/C

Screaming Eagles R/C Club

Seattle Area Soaring Society

Seminole Radio Control Club

Seven Towers R/C Club

Shawnee Mission Radio Control Club

Silent Electric Flyers of San Diego

Sioux Falls RCers

Skyblazers of Dallas R/C Club

Skymasters R/C Club of Michigan

Snake River Valley Modelers

Soaring League of North Texas

Sodbusters R/C Flying Club

Sooland Radio Control Modelers Club

South Maine R/C Helicopter Association

South Park Area R/C Society

South West Area Park Modelers

Southern California Aero Team

Southern Connecticut R/C Modelers Club

Southern New Hampshire Flying Eagles R/C Club

Southern New Hampshire R/C Club

Southern Ohio Radio Controlled Flyers

Southern Scale Warbirds Association

Southern Tier Aero Radio Society

Southwest R/C Club

Southwind Flyers

Spaceport R/C'ers

Spirits of St. Louis R/C Flying Club

Springfield Hawks

Springfield R/C Club

State College Radio Control Club

Staten Island Radio Control Modelers

Stillwater R/C Flyers

Suburban Aeroclub of Chicago

Suburban R/C Barnstormers

Suffolk Wings R/C Model Airplane Club

Sun Valley Fliers

Sunset R/C

Tammany Aero Club

Texarkana R/C Flying Club

Texas City R/C Club

Thistledown Flyers

Thurston County Miniature Aircraft Association

Tidewater R/C

Tri-State Model Flyers

Tri Village RCers

Tulsa Glue Dobbers

Tusco R/C Club

Valley Aero Modelers

Valley R/C Flying Club

Volunteer Aeromodelers

Wayne Miniature Aeronautics

Weatherford Aero Modeling Society

West Hickory Aero Modelers

West Pasco Model Pilots Association

West Windsor Flying Club

Western Ohio Radio Kontrol Society

Westerville Model Aeronautics Association

Westminster Aeromodelers

Wichita Radio Control Club

Wiregrass Radio Control Club


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