ADL #8


Tape No. 483:  "ADL #8"
Tuesday, November 15, 1994

This broadcast was taken in whole or in part from investigations conducted by the CAJI News Service, and the Intelligence Service, and from reports published by The Executive Intelligence Review entitled "The Ugly Truth About The ADL", and "Dope Inc.".

The information in tonight's broadcast comes from "The Ugly Truth About
the ADL", a report published by the "Executive Intelligence Review";
from "Dope, Incorporated", published by the editors of the "Executive
Intelligence Review"; from the research of the Citizens Agency for Joint
Intelligence; and of course, the premiere organization, the Intelligence

Recently, the "San Francisco Chronicle", ladies and gentlemen, shocked
the nation with the revelation that the office of the Anti-Defamation
League in San Francisco was at the center of a scandal involving a San
Francisco police officer and a Bay Area art dealer--self-described
private eye--who were suspected of selling illegally-obtained
information to agents of the South African government.

This scandal quickly spread across the nation as it became evident that
this was not the only, nor the first, nor does it appear that it will be
the last incident of the ADL spying upon American citizens, groups,
organizations, churches, and as you will see, many others.

The two men, Sergeant Tom Girard <sp?> of the San Francisco Police
Department, and Roy Bullock <sp?>, a long-time paid undercover operative
for the local office of the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith, had
been under Federal Bureau of Investigation scrutiny since 1990 when
federal agents discovered that secret Bureau records on American Black
Muslims had been obtained by South African spies.

The trail pointed to Bullock who, in addition to his full-time paid work
for the ADL, had been moon-lighting as an undercover snitch for the
Bureau.  And on at least one occasion, Bullock received a $500 cash
payment from the FBI for infiltrating meetings of two Bay Area groups.

Bullock, you see, had access to confidential Bureau files and became a
suspect when FBI files showed up in the hands of the South African
government at the very same time he was regularly meeting with two South
African spies and passing confidential data to them.  Bullock received
cash payments that eventually totalled over $16,000.

The early meetings between Bullock and the two South African agents,
identified as "Humphries" and "Louie", included policeman Girard.
Later, Bullock would meet with the South Africans alone.

According to one version of the Bullock/South Africa story, it was
Anti-Defamation League officials who put him in touch with the foreign

Nearly three years later, the FBI probe of South African spying
mushroomed into one of the biggest espionage scandals in many years.
And the center of the scandal shifted from cops and art dealers to an
alleged command center.  The central target became the Anti-Defamation

On April 1st, 1993, San Francisco Assistant District Attorney John Dwyer
<sp?> told reporters, and I quote:

"The ADL is the target.  Their involvement is just so great.  People
have called this 'The Girard Case'.  Now, it's 'The ADL Case'.  Girard
is just their guy in San Francisco.  The ADL is doing the same thing all
over the country.  There is evidence that the ADL had police agents in
other cities.  The case just gets bigger every day.  The more we look,
the more we find people involved."

End quote.  The San Francisco probe soon proved that the profile of the
ADL contained in this broadcast is right on the mark.  Far from living
up to its thoroughly undeserved and self-promoted reputation, the
Anti-Defamation League has been caught by San Francisco police

1.  illegally spying on at least 950 political organizations, including:

the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP),
the Rainbow Coalition,
Green Peace,
the Simon Wiesenthal <sp?> Center,
the United Auto Workers,
the Christic <sp?> Institute,
New Jewish Agenda,
Operation Rescue,
the Liberty Lobby,
the Nation of Islam,
the United Farm Workers,
Act Up,
the American Civil Liberties Union,
the National Lawyers Guild,
the Bo Gritz Presidential Campaign,
the political movement led by Lyndon LaRouche, and
the Citizens Agency for Joint Intelligence;

2. infiltrating countless police and sheriff departments across the
country, bribing police officers, and illegally obtaining classified
government data on at least 20,000 American citizens;

3.  selling information on anti-apartheid groups to agents of the South
African government;

4.  passing surveillance and classified police data on Arab Americans to
Israeli authorities, who then used the ADL data to illegally detain
American citizens visiting Israel; and

5.  passing off Israeli intelligence propaganda as Anti-Defamation
League-generated research in an effort to sway American public opinion
and government policy, while never being forced to register as foreign
agents, and while even enjoying tax-exempt status with the Internal
Revenue Service (IRS).

The San Francisco District Attorney and police investigators, ladies and
gentlemen, have concluded that the pattern of illegal spying that they
unearthed in California is but a small part of a large nation-wide spy
operation run centrally out of the Anti-Defamation League's national
headquarters in New York City under the direction of its Fact-Finding
Director, Irwin Sewell <sp?>, who is a member of the Marxist Socialist

In the San Francisco probe alone, police uncovered evidence that the ADL
had illegally penetrated 20 different police agencies in California
alone, and had also gained access to classified police files in Chicago,
St. Louis, Atlanta, and a half-dozen other cities across the nation.

On April 8th, 1993, San Francisco police released nearly 800 pages of
documents providing previously classified details of the Anti-Defamation
League's nation-wide criminal operations.  Those documents were released
as attachments to a search warrant affidavit which police executed the
same day.

In raids on the San Francisco and Los Angeles offices of the
Anti-Defamation League, police obtained a mountain of new evidence of
the spying and agent provocateur operations of the League.

The April 8th search warrant actions, which garnered financial records
and internal ADL correspondence between Sewell and West Coast Regional
ADL officials, were the second raids on Anti-Defamation League offices
in but four months.

On December 10th, 1992, San Francisco police raided the San Francisco
and Los Angeles ADL offices, as well as the residences of Bullock and

Now, shortly after the April raids and document disclosures, the
Anti-Defamation League launched what local San Francisco newspapers
labeled "a massive damage-control effort".  They sent out several
delegations of national officials from New York and Washington, D.C. to
try to derail the probe.  Leading these delegations were:

Anti-Defamation League National Chairman Melvin Salberg,
ADL Executive Director Abraham Foxman, who is now the head of the ADL,
ADL General Counsel Barbara Wahl <sp?> of the Washington, D.C. law firm
of Errit <sp?> Fox.

In San Francisco, Richard Goldman, the city's Chief of Protocol  and a
long-time Anti-Defamation League ally, was caught arm-twisting Chief of
Police Tony Rabara <sp?> into bringing the investigation to a halt.

Now, although the city's Police Commission did bend to the ADL pressure
and dropped its own probe of the League's interference in local police
operations, District Attorney Arlo Smith vowed to continue his criminal
investigation, despite the pressure, and subsequently identified the
ADL's National Fact-Finding Director Sewell as a prime target.

In behind-closed-door meetings with publishers, editors, and reporters
from the "Los Angeles Times", the Anti-Defamation League tried to
silence the press through cajoling, arm-twisting, and not-so-very-subtle
allegations of anti-semitism--their old, fall-back, main-battery weapon.

But the ADL-run Jewish weekly, called the "Heritage Southwest Jewish
Press", more openly expressed the ADL's true feelings about the probe.

Publisher Herb Brinn <sp?>, just returned from a trip to Belgrade,
Serbia--where he gave his unabashed editorial endorsement to the Serbian
slaughter of Bosnian Moslems and Croats--wrote on April 16th:

Lyndon LaRouche, from his federal prison cell, must be gloating.
Calypso Jean Farrakhan is singing away at the chagrin of Anti-Defamation
League.  These, among a host of skin-heads, pinkos, and nuts, are
dancing because San Francisco cops are on a vicious hunt to embarrass
the Anti-Defamation League for doing what ADL has always done and must
do to serve mankind after Hitler.  And the bastard decision by some
idiotic editors of the "Los Angeles Times" to play into the game--and
"Heritage" will find out what prompted the malicious hunt into the
fact-finding efforts of ADL, better believe it--speaks for itself as the
"Times" played the trumped-up ADL-investigated story on page 1 on Good

Hardly a week passes that I don't supply Jewish Defense material to
David Lehrer <sp?>, head of ADL in this region.  A people must have the
will and moxie to defend themselves.  And that, to me, is what ADL is
all about.  The San Francisco police charged that ADL maintains
political intelligent operations in some seven U.S. cities, in which
case I say:  "Hooray for ADL!"

It also, ladies and gentlemen, says an awful lot about the Jewish
motto:  "Holocaust:  Never Again!"  Remember, this man--this man, ladies
and gentlemen--was in Serbia to give his endorsement to the slaughter of
Bosnian Moslems and Croats.  And he continued here.

Brinn, a promoter of the terrorist Jewish Defense League and
gutter-level Anti-Defamation League snitch for 40 years, was openly
threatening revenge.  Now, soon after Brinn's diatribe, some local news
outlets experienced nastier treatment than the name-calling directed
against the "Los Angeles Times".

KPOO-FM, a local, black community radio station in the Bay Area, began
receiving threatening calls after they aired a series of interviews with
victims of Anti-Defamation League spying.  The calls left message or
flatly stated to those who answered the phones the following remarks.

"ews-hating nigger!"

End quote.  Quote:

"igger Nazi!"

End quote.  And other similar epithets bombarded the station's phone

In the past, these kinds of Anti-Defamation League hooligan tactics
never failed to work.  This time, however, the sheer weight of evidence
has made this one scandal too big to bury.

And every time they've tried it with William Cooper, the Citizens Agency
for Joint Intelligence, the Intelligence Service, or "The Hour of the
Time", it has never worked and never will.  These kinds of hooligan
tactics have destroyed honorable, good citizens of this country in the

By late April, after police publicly released the inventory of documents
seized from the Anti-Defamation League, the League's Fact-Finding
Director--and also, as I have stated in the past, member of the Marxist
Socialist Internationale--Irwin Sewell hired a top criminal defense
lawyer in San Francisco, the clearest signal yet that the ADL is shaking
over the idea that at long last they got caught in the act of just being

David Gervitz <sp?> was a man who was very unhappy about his pay from
the ADL, as the League's Chief Fact-Finder in their Los Angeles office.
The 35-year-old Gervitz was married with one child.  He had a second one
on the way.  His full-time job at the ADL paid him slightly more than
$20,000 a year, barely enough to live on in a high-cost town like Los

So, in June 1992, Gervitz went to the Los Angeles Simon Wiesenthal
Center, another Jewish group involved in monitoring the activities of
so-called "hate groups", to ask them for a better paying job.
Unfortunately, the Wiesenthal Center already had a full-time staff
researcher, Rick Eaton <sp?>, and Gervitz was given the brush-off by
Wiesenthal Center Director, Rabbi Cooper--no relation.

Gervitz's response to the job rejection was typical Anti-Defamation
League.  He staked-out the Wiesenthal Center to get Eaton's car license
plate number and passed the plate number to his ADL counterpart in San
Francisco, Roy Bullock.  Gervitz would later tell San Francisco Police
and FBI investigators that Bullock was his mentor.  Bullock contacted
Sergeant Tom Girard and had Girard get Eaton's California Department of
Motor Vehicles record.

The State of California has very strict laws, ladies and gentlemen,
prohibiting private citizens from possessing DMV records.  Those records
contain photographs, addresses, Social Security numbers, fingerprints,
and other sensitive, personal data.  Unauthorized possession of even one
DMV record is a felony, punishable by a stiff fine and a five-year term
in a California state prison.

When Gervitz got Bullock and Girard to obtain Eaton's DMV record, all
three were committing a serious state crime.  But that has never
bothered the ADL.

When police raided the home office of Roy Bullock on December the 10th,
they found far more than the Eaton records.  They found DMV records on
more than 1,300 Californians in a computer spy base which included data
on 12,000 individuals and 950 political groups.

Among the files in the Bullock computer were the DMV records of nearly
one-third of the membership of the Arab American Anti-Discrimination
Committee, called AADC.  It's a nation-wide Arab American organization
involved in legitimate political activities, and for years, leaders and
officers of the AADC had been the targets of threats of violence.

In 1985, Jewish Defense League terrorists--that's right, folks,
terrorists--carried out bomb attacks against AADC offices in Santa Ana,
California; Washington, D.C.; and Boston, Massachusetts.

In the Santa Ana attack, Regional Director Alex Oda <sp?> was killed.
Anti-Defamation League agent Bullock has admitted to police interviewers
that he had infiltrated the AADC and personally had a key to its Santa
Ana office at the time of the Oda murder.

The Gervitz/Bullock efforts against Eaton did not stop with the illegal
spying.  Next, to intimidate Eaton, Gervitz asked Bullock to contact a
leading member of the White Aryan Resistance, known as WAR, a west
coast-based, white supremist organization.  The WAR leader, whose ADL
code name was appropriately "Scumbag", is a convicted felon and an
undercover agent provocateur on the payroll of the Anti-Defamation
League and the Treasury Department's Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and
Firearms, known as the BATF--the perpetrators of the Waco Massacre.

Scumbag had been regularly meeting with Bullock and San Francisco BATF
agents, providing inside information about WAR.  Through this channel,
Bullock and the ADL apparently maintained wiretaps on the WAR phone,
code naming the effort "Operation Eavesdrop".

You see, the ADL has people around the country who listen to radio talk
shows, and whenever they hear anything about the ADL, or any other
organization that they don't want known to the public, they begin
calling.  And if you answer the phone, they begin screaming:
"Anti-semite Nazi!"  "Jew hater!"  And all this other kind of stuff,
which is not true at all.

This isn't about Jews.  It's about the Anti-Defamation League, a
criminal organization which manipulates Jews and everybody else.  That's
what it's about.

The Case of Scumbag, folks, opens questions on another level of criminal
activity:  receipt of federal confidential records.  You see, the Bureau
of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms had offered to share the infiltrator
Scumbag if the ADL would pay informant fees--some several hundred
dollars a week.  The money for Scumbag was approved by the ADL's Chief
Fact-Finder Irwin Sewell from the League's National Headquarters in New
York City.

So, when in the fall of 1992 Bullock contacted Scumbag and gave him
details about Rick Eaton's efforts to infiltrate and spy on WAR, it was
a textbook dirty trick.  Bullock hoped to enhance Scumbag's position
within the WAR group by having him expose the infiltrator Eaton.

You see how they double-cross their own people?

The ADL would gain greater hands-on control over the group through its
own informant.  Bullock also hoped that WAR might take some kind of
action against Eaton that would scare him into leaving his job with the
Wiesenthal Center, opening the position for Gervitz.
There was only one problem.

You see, apparently, unbeknownst to Bullock, the FBI was tapping his
phone as part of the South Africa espionage probe.  His conversations
with Girard Gervitz and Scumbag were all being recorded.

The FBI had no choice but to warn Eaton at the Wiesenthal Center about a
possible physical attack against him by WAR.  According to documents
released by the San Francisco Police, the FBI could not rule out an
actual assassination attempt against Eaton.
FBI agents also went to the Los Angeles ADL office in October 1992 to
alert them to the Gervitz/Bullock dirty trick.  The ADL response was
striking.  Gervitz was fired upon the spot, despite his family financial
problems and pregnant wife.  Only employed by the ADL for four years,
Gervitz, you see, was expendable.  They have no loyalties whatsoever.
Bullock, however, a 40-year employee of the ADL was too valuable to
fire.  He knew too much.  Otherwise, he would have been gone with the
boot just as quickly.
At that very moment, Bullock, just caught running a possible
assassination through White Aryan Resistance, was in Germany as part of
a high-level ADL delegation meeting with the government officials and
top German law enforcement to peddle their credentials as experts on
extremist groups.

You see how they manipulated their own people?--an organization that
says it exists to protect Jews from slander and libel and hate groups
sacrifices Jews in the process of committing illegal and criminal acts,
and in the process of spying on American citizens and groups for foreign
nations.  And they manipulated the White Aryan Resistance to do their

And you all think you're so secure and so smart in what you do.  You're
manipulated by so many groups, organizations, governments and people on
a daily basis.  You have no idea the extent of it.

One of the ways that you serve their bidding is to hate each other and
fight amongst each other while they are busily going about the business
of putting the chains upon the legs of all of us.  Most of you aren't
smart enough to figure that out.  Nope, you have to be better than
everybody else.

You have to be the chosen people, or the superior race.  Or because
you're in a secret society and someone has conned you with a bunch of
bullshit, you think you have the only truly mature minds.  Or your
religion is better than everybody else's.  And I could go on and on and

The truth of the matter can be stated in one word:  fools!

Bullock personally met with the head of the German Constitutional
Protection Office, Germany's equivalent of the Federal Bureau of
Investigation, to receive and pass on information about United States
skin-head and Neo-Nazi activities.  Needless to say, Bullock did not
report on his own role in running agents provocateurs inside those very

When Bullock did return to San Francisco, and the prospect of being
dumped for his antics with WAR, he did not lose his job.  Irwin Sewell,
the chief dirty-trickster for the Anti-Defamation League; his
Washington, D.C. aid, Myra Lansky Bolland; David Lehrer <sp?>, the head
of the ADL's Los Angeles office; and Rick Hershott <sp?>, the League's
San Francisco Director, all threatened to quit on the spot of any action
were taken against Bullock.

You see, he knew too much.  He could bring them all down.  Sewell even
wrote a memo which police uncovered in their searches of the San
Francisco ADL office lauding Bullock as the ADL's number one

The impromptu rally in support of Bullock by top ADL officials speaks
volumes about the real nature of the Anti-Defamation League.  Bullock's
dirty tricks with WAR were not restricted to the targeting of Eaton.
Bullock regularly tried to recruit white supremists, KKK-ers, and others
from the radical racist white to joint AADC and other Arab American
groups in order to later expose those groups for their alleged
anti-semitic ties, usually by submitting a plan to these groups through
Jewish ADL agents to commit some atrocious violent act--which these
stupid people usually did.

Eaton wasn't the only Jewish activist, ladies and gentlemen, targeted by
the ADL.  Stewart Alpert <sp?>, a national leader of the New Jewish
Agenda and other members of the group were ADL targets.  Vera Katz
<sp?>, the Mayor of Portland, Oregon, who lived for years in a kibbutz
in Israel, discovered that her Sister-City program was spied upon by the

You see, the ADL has no allegiance to Jews despite what they preach.
They manipulate Jews and use them in their efforts to bring about the
New World Order.  The ADL, in reality, obeys only their British masters.

Shortly after the Eaton affair, ladies and gentlemen, the FBI asked the
San Francisco Police to take charge of the probe of Bullock and Girard.
Once the investigation had turned into a probe of the ADL, the Bureau
ran up against a very embarrassing dilemma.  The most serious was the
record of FBI collusion with the Anti-Defamation League.

On February the 4th, 1985, then Director of the FBI, William Webster,
wrote a priority cable to the Special Agents in charge of the FBI's 25
largest field offices, ordering them to establish permanent local
liaison to the ADL.  The Webster order coincided with a major effort by
the Anti-Defamation League to solicit a federal prosecution of Mr.
Lyndon LaRouche, a long-standing target of ADL spying and dirty tricks.

Ironically, this FBI order came precisely when the Jewish Underground,
which FBI Director Webster later identified as the number one terrorist
threat in the United States was on a terrorist spree that covered New
York, New Jersey, and California.  Terrorist activities had left two
people dead, including Alex Oda, the American Arab leader.

By December 10th, 1986, documents obtained under the Freedom of
Information Act showed Anti-Defamation League National Director Nathan
Purlmutter <sp?> writing to Webster to work details for the ADL to give
annual training lectures at the FBI Academy in Quantico <sp?>, Virginia
on, and I quote directly from the FBI files:  "hate crimes".  End quote.

On November 21st, 1989, Thomas F. Jones, Deputy Assistant Director of
the FBI in charge of the Criminal Investigations Division wrote to Irwin
Sewell to invite Sewell and his ADL associates Allen Schwartz and
Michael Liebermann to lecture the top 50 FBI agents on, quote:  "civil
rights law".  End quote.

The marriage between the FBI and the Anti-Defamation League since
February 1985 raises many serious questions of legality.

Was the ADL handed authority to run a revised parallel co/intell/pro
program after the United States Congress had essentially outlawed the
FBI spying on non-criminal political groups in 1975?

That's exactly what it was, ladies and gentlemen.

The ADL's intimate ties to the Treasury Department's Bureau of Alcohol,
Tobacco and Firearms rang similar alarm bells when the San Francisco
Anti-Defamation League office was caught in possession of dozens of
police intelligence reports on skin-heads prepared by the Portland

ADL Northwest Regional Director Marvin Stern told reporter Phil Stanford
that perhaps the files show ADL's, quote, "work for the government".
End quote.

Under the Reagan administration's Executive Order 12333, which spelled
out guidelines for domestic and foreign spying, the FBI was given broad
latitude to use non-government personnel as, quote, "assets".  End

No wonder the FBI dropped the probe of Bullock/Girard on the grounds
that it might jeopardize FBI's secrets, methods and procedures.

Can you imagine, ladies and gentlemen, if all of this dirt had come out
in the court records?  What a shock that would have been!

With the Bullock/Girard case in its hands, the San Francisco Police
launched an ambitious investigation late last year under the supervision
of Captain John Willett <sp?>, head of the Special Investigations

On November 1992, shortly after being interviewed by the FBI, Tom Girard
fled to the Philippines, which has no extradition treaty with the United
States.  From his retreat on a remote Filipino island, Girard formally
submitted his resignation from the San Francisco Police Department.
Ironically, Girard's very last assignment was in the Special
Intelligence Division Offices.  That's the Division that was later
broken up due to its own illegal and criminal activity.

You see, some people in this country have a feeling that there are more
criminals in the police departments than there are on the streets, and
occasionally that proves to be exactly the case.

On January the 22nd, 1993, Girard told the "San Francisco Examiner" from
the Philippines that he had first met Bullock at the San Francisco
Anti-Defamation League Office in 1985.  And he said this, quote:

"e sat there one morning with everyone in the office, shook hands, and
made friends."

End quote.  Girard freely admitted he funnelled classified police data
to Bullock with the full understanding that it was for the ADL.  And he
said, quote:

"he guy had no criminal record.  It's like we're talking to someone in
the neighborhood community watch organization."

End quote.  Girard had just returned to the San Francisco Police
Department after a two-year leave of absence in which he worked for the
Central Intelligence Agency ostensibly as a bomb expert.

You see how these organizations interlock, exactly as I said they did
over four years ago in my book entitled "Behold a Pale Horse".

Many people said I was wrong.  Folks, I've only been wrong once so far,
and that's when I said Manuel Noriega would not be found guilty in a
court of law in the United States and would not spend any time in prison
because we had no authority under international law to do so.  He was
the President of a foreign government.  He was taken prisoner after we
illegally invaded his nation.  But I was wrong.  I had no idea that the
New World Order was so far in its advanced stages, and neither do you.

According to documents and interviews, Girard's Central Intelligence
Agency assignments included El Salvador, Afghanistan, and a covert
operation targeted at the African nation of Ghana.

On his return to the police department, Girard frequently boasted to his
colleagues that he was also working closely with the Israeli Mossad.  In
retrospect, the references to Mossad may have been based on his budding
relationship with the Anti-Defamation League, which has done much work
for the Israeli Mossad.

Girard's work, ladies and gentlemen, did not go unrewarded.  In May
1991, Girard was one of 11 police officials from across this nation who
traveled to Israel on an all-expense paid ADL junket.  The group's
escort was Myra Lansky Bolland, the ADL's Washington, D.C. Fact-Finder,
who personally put the delegation together.

Sergeant Tim Carroll <sp?>, a detective with the San Diego County
Sheriff's Department described the journey as a payment for services
already rendered to the ADL, and that should tell you who and what he
is.  He says, quote:

A lot of it was for past work or relationship with the ADL, and kind of
an emotional thing that we spread the word when we get back...

End quote--so that others can be ensnared in this web.  Police officers
from Boston, Washington, Mobile, Dallas, Maryland, Virginia and Georgia
also went along on the junket, which featured meetings with senior
Israeli police, military, and intelligence officials.

One junket participant, Donald Moore, was subsequently indicted on
kidnapping conspiracy charges when, on behalf of the Cult Awareness
Network, he joined in a plot to kidnap a DuPont family heir, Lewis
DuPont Smith, a close associate of the LaRouche organization.

When Moore was arraigned in late September 1992, his attorney, Mark Rash
<sp?>, was from the ADL's law firm.  Myra Lansky Bolland was in court
throughout most of the trial representing the Anti-Defamation League.

In taped conversations with the FBI's undercover informant inside the
kidnap conspiracy, Moore boasted that he had worked closely with the
Anti-Defamation League against LaRouche, and that as a Deputy Sheriff in
Luden <sp?> County, Virginia, he had conducted illegal wire taps,
break-ins and other crimes against the LaRouche group.

Though Moore was acquitted, his co-defendant, Gaylan Kelly <sp?>, was
convicted of federal kidnapping charges in May 1993.

Good night.  Wake up, if you can do that, and have a good night.  And
God bless you all.



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