ADL #7


Tape No. 480:  "ADL #7"
Thursday, November 10, 1994

This broadcast was taken in whole or in part from investigations conducted by the CAJI News Service, and the Intelligence Service, and from reports published by The Executive Intelligence Review entitled "The Ugly Truth About The ADL", and "Dope Inc.".


Tonight, ladies and gentlemen, we're going to continue with our expose
of the Anti-Defamation League.  This will be the second hour in this
second live-broadcast series.  You can remember, if you are a long-time
listener, that we did something similar to this months ago.  And a lot
of this information you're hearing in this series is new.  It was not
included in the last one.  So, get your pen and paper ready, and don't
go away.

I bet you didn't know that post-World War II, the Anti-Defamation
League, was on the United States' watch list.

"Watch list," you say?

You don't even know what that is, do you?

The Anti-Defamation League links to the Bolshevik regime and its
intelligence services date back decades.  Even during World War II,
folks, when the Soviet Union and the United States were allied against
the Nazis, certain ADL officials were kept on United States military
intelligence watch lists as suspected Soviet agents.

According to one eye-witness account, Sanford Griffith, who headed the
equivalent of the Fact-Finding Division during and immediately following
World War II, was on just such a list.

The April 5th, 1955 issue of "Headlines and What's Behind Them"
catalogues a controversial instance in which the Anti-Defamation League
provided cover for a known Soviet intelligence asset.  The Soviet agent
in question, Vladimir Stepankowski <sp?>, had been deported from France
and Switzerland in the mid-1930s after having been identified as the
head of the Bolshevik Information Bureau, only to immigrate to the
United States and immediately go to work for the Anti-Defamation
League's Mitchell Solomon <sp?>.

Through Solomon's ties to United States Army Lt. Col. Eugene Prince
<sp?>, an intelligence officer in charge of immigration background
checks, Stepankowski was able to penetrate American war-time
intelligence operations.

In 1954, he was identified by Elizabeth Bentley <sp?> as a member of a
Soviet spy ring.  However, he was saved from prosecution through the
intervention of his ADL case officer, Mitchell Solomon.

By this point, the ADL had deployed the Soviet agent into the National
Renaissance Party of Robert Madole <sp?>, a Neo-Nazi counter gang that
had been set up largely by the ADL infiltrators, in order to create the
specter of a new fascist menace inside the United States.

According to the "Headlines" account, the Madole group attracted a small
corps of members, principally on the basis of the ADL providing NRP
founder Madole with a stable of prostitutes from the Mickey Jelkie <sp?>
vice ring.  ADL officials, Ben Epstein and Arnold Forster, then
reportedly used Stepankowski's information to inundate the Veld
Commission--that's the House Unamerican Activities Committee--remember,
I told you Joseph McCarthy was right.  They inundated the committee with
scare stories that the NRP had swelled to 200 to 700 members in New York
City alone.

ADL officials, and the Anti-Defamation League as an organization, are
guilty of the same crimes for which Karl Spitz Chanel <sp?> and Richard
Miller were indicted during the 1987 Iran-Contra probe, illegally using
private, tax-exempt organizations to conduct covert operations.
However, unlike Chanel and Miller who were low-level flunkies in the
overall secret parallel government plot, the ADL was deeply involved in
every facet of the Iran-Contra scandal and the Project Democracy scheme
at the very highest levels, on both the government and private sector

The ADL's central role in the official Project Democracy apparatus of
the Reagan-Bush era was an outgrowth of the ADL's long-standing position
as a major agency within the United States branch of the Socialist
Internationale, which has always been dominated by members of the old
Bucheranite <sp?> right opposition to Stalin.  This link is typified by
Fact-Finding Division head, Irwin Sewell <sp?>, who was trained by the
International Ladies Garment Workers Union of former United States
Communist Party Chairman--Jay Lovestone.

Sewell was later schooled at the premier Fabian Labor School, Ruskin
College, at Britain's Oxford University--William Clinton's alma
mater--and then passed through the Socialist Party and the Jewish Labor
Committee before graduating to his ADL post in 1967.  Today, Sewell sits
on the board of the League for Industrial Democracy and the Social
Democrats U.S.A.

The direct links between the ADL and the Iran-Contra fiasco run through
the following key players.  Take note:

Karl Gershman <sp?>:  a former paid staffer of the Anti-Defamation
League's Fact-Finding Division; was the director of the National
Endowment for Democracy (or NED) throughout the Iran-Contra fiasco.
>From 1966 to 1972, Gershman was employed by the Research Department of
the ADL.

According to Jerome Bakst <sp?>, his supervisor at the time, Gershman
used his extensive experiments as a New Left activist at Yale University
to provide the ADL with detailed dossiers on Students for a Democratic
Society, the Black Panther Party, and the Student Non-Violent
Coordinating Committee.

According to documents, ladies and gentlemen, procured under the Freedom
of Information Act, as well as a recently published book-length account
of the FBI's co/intell/pro efforts against the black student movement in
the 1960s, the ADL dossiers, apparently including Gershman's work, were
regularly passed on to the Federal Bureau of Investigation's Division V.

Early this year, Gershman hired ADL Fact-Finding Division Deputy
Director David Lowe <sp?> as his Executive Assistant at the State
Department, United States Information Agency Unit.

NED was a major government funding conduit for Lt. Col. Oliver North,
and for the White House Deputy Walter Rayman's <sp?> Public Diplomacy
Project, a black propaganda and active-measures effort, launched to
shape media coverage of the Sandinista regime in Nicaragua.

Anti-Defamation League Latin American Affairs Director, Rabbi Morton M.
Rosenthal <sp?>, was directly financed by the NED in 1985 to conduct an
electoral fact-finding trip through Central America.  Among Rosenthal's
assignments for the NED was the monitoring of the presidential elections
in El Salvador.

On May 23rd, 1983,  Rosenthal issued a report charging that the
Sandinista regime in Nicaragua was guilty of anti-semitism.  The
Rosenthal attack on the Sandinistas was part of an effort to marshall
Jewish support for the Reagan administration's Contra effort.  That
month, Rosenthal addressed a closed-door White House meeting, sponsored
by Faith Wittlesley <sp?>, at which aspects of the covert Contra support
program were apparently discussed.

In a memorandum to the Latin American Affairs Committee of the ADL,
dated June 9th, 1983, Rosenthal described the ADL's direct role in the
anti-Sandinista propaganda offensive.  The ADL's Sandinista
anti-semitism story's unusually wide international and domestic coverage
by both print and electronic media stimulated a flood of calls and mail
to Nicaragua's embassy and consulates, and also elicited strong comments
from members of Congress.

A few days after the story broke, folks, the Nicaraguan embassy
contacted us through intermediaries and inquired if we were willing to
meet and discuss the issues.  The embassy then called officially to
invite ADL representatives to meet the Nicaraguan ambassador Antonio
Yarpine <sp?>, and the meeting was held at the Nicaraguan embassy in
Washington on Monday, June the 6th.

Kenneth Bailken <sp?>, then the National Chairman of the ADL, was the
attorney for Saudi billionaire, Adonan Kashogi <sp?>, during 1984 and
1985 when Kashogi provided the initial funds through which the Iranian
government purchased arms from the North-Secord-Hakim <sp?> enterprise.

At the time of these transactions, Bailken was also a member of an
administrative commission revamping United States federal codes.

Another member of the Commission was C. Boyden Gray <sp?>, the General
Counsel to Vice President George Bush, who formally ran the
administration's special situation group, Crisis Pre-Planning Group--the
White House inter-agency units set up under National Security Decision
Directive No. 3--to oversee the Reagan-Bush's government's Central
American policy.

The Lake Resources front company in Geneva, Switzerland, through which
General Richard Secord and Albert Hakim <sp?> laundered the Iranian
profits to the Contras, was controlled from the outset by attorney
Willard Zucker<sp?>, a former partner of Bailken's at Willie Farr
<sp?>.  Zucker had been installed by the ADL National Chairman in 1972
as the Chief of the IOS Legal Department.  This made him a key, inside
player in the Vesco looting of the fund.

Edmond Safra, one of the ADL's major financial angels, was the co-owner,
with Willard Zucker, of the fleet of corporate jets which were used to
shuttle then National Security Advisor Robert McFarlin <sp?> and Lt.
Col. Oliver North to secret meetings in Teheran.

The Anti-Defamation League itself was directly involved in the active
measures department of the enterprise through its sponsorship of a
series of propaganda broadsides attacking as anti-semites leftist groups
which opposed the administration's Central American policy.

One such study commissioned by the ADL in 1983 resulted in a book-length
attack by writer Harvey Claire <sp?> on the group called "Clergy and
Laity Concerned".  Another study by long-time ADL stringer, Rael Jean
Isaac <sp?>, made similar attacks against the Institute for Policy
Studies.  In 1984, ADL chapters around the country hosted a speaking
tour by Isaac.  Both Claire and Isaac were funded during the same period
by the Smith Richardson Foundation, a North Carolina-based, tax-exempt
organization with very strong ties to the Social Democratic wing of the
United States intelligence community.

Reagan-era National Security Advisor Richard Allen <sp?>, and the United
Nations Ambassador Jeanne Kirkpatrick both currently sit on the board of
Smith Richardson.

This report, ladies and gentlemen, is taken tonight from the pages of
"Dope, Incorporated".  That's "Dope, Incorporated", researched and
compiled by the editors of the "Executive Intelligence Review", research
done by the Citizens Agency for Joint Intelligence and the Intelligence

Today, more than ever, the Anti-Defamation League, as an organization,
represents a major agent provocateur factor within the United States,
fomenting racial and ethnic tensions, all the while claiming to be the
great defenders of civil rights.

Freedom of Information Act records show that the ADL played a major role
in the Federal Bureau of Investigation's co/intell/pro racial matters'
and white hate groups' operations targeting the civil rights movement as
well as its opponents.

Among the paid informants used by the ADL during the civil rights
struggles of the 1960s were Ku Klux Klan members implicated in the
murders of three civil rights workers in the State of Mississippi.

A February 13th, 1970 article in the "Los Angeles Times" by
investigative reporter Jack Nelson first revealed FBI and ADL joint
patronage of the Roberts brothers in the June 30th, 1968 murder of a
Klanswoman named Kathy Ainsworth <sp?> at the time of the shoot-out in
front of the Meridian, Mississippi home of ADL official Meyer Davidson
<sp?>, which resulted in the death of Ainsworth, and the near-death of
her associate, Thomas A. Terrance III<sp?>, who survived over 70
shotgun, rifle, and pistol wounds--miraculously.

Alton Wayne Roberts and six other Klansmen had already been convicted
for federal civil rights violations in connection with their infamous
murder of civil rights workers Chaney, Goodman, and Schwerner <sp?>, in
Philadelphia, Mississippi in 1964.

Roberts' case, ladies and gentlemen, was under appeal when, according to
various newspaper accounts and local police reports, the brothers were
approached by Adolf Sam Botnick <sp?>, who is still the ADL's Regional
Director in New Orleans, with the proposition that they would be paid
$69,000 to act as agents provocateurs in setting up a Klan bombing of
Anti-Defamation League official Meyer Davidson's home.

In other words, the ADL hired Klansmen to bomb their own official's

Botnick had been a close associate of the FBI Division V
Counter-Intelligence Chief in New Orleans, the late Guy Bannister <sp?>,
implicated in the John F. Kennedy assassination, in whose home, ladies
and gentlemen, was found stone phalluses, who had established the
left-wing Fair Play for Cuba group that was part of the milieu of
President John F. Kennedy's purported assassination of Lee Harvey

Bannister had also been a controller of an agent provocateur network of
the Minutemen, which according to one well-informed United States
intelligence source, helped break James Earl Ray out of prison so that
he could be used as a similar patsy in the April 4th, 1968 murder of Dr.
Martin Luther King in Memphis, Tennessee, just a few weeks prior to the
Meridian, Mississippi shoot-out staged by the Roberts brothers at the
behest of the ADL and the FBI.

A police file report dated June 10th, 1968 by Detective Luke Scarborough
<sp?> confirms the "Los Angeles Times" report of the Ainsworth set-up;
namely, that there was a three-way deal between the ADL, FBI, and local
police in the matter, for which the ADL had provided all of the money.
As the apparent result of such Anti-Defamation League/Federal Bureau of
Investigation cooperation--much like the Waco massacre--the federal
government trod lightly in punishing Alton Wayne Roberts for his part in
the murder of Schwerner, Goodman, and Chaney, when on March 17th, 1970,
he was sentenced to only ten years and was paroled in only three.

The Roberts brothers were reportedly later given the status of federally
protected witnesses and remain on the FBI and ADL's informant roster to
this day.

As for the ADL officials, Sam Botnick still runs the New Orleans
Regional Office.  And his then assistant, Richard Loebenthal <sp?>, took
over ADL operations in Detroit.  Loebenthal was later caught funding
local members of the Communist Labor Party, a violent, Mao-ist group,
infiltrated into local auto plants.

Justin J. Finger <sp?>, who ran the ADL's Atlanta-based Southern Legal
Department during the heyday of civil rights activities and Klan
murders, is now Associate National Director of the Anti-Defamation

The ADL dirty tricks, in collusion with the FBI, were later run against
segments of the anti-war movement during the late 1960s and early 1970s.

Freedom of Information Act documents released by  the FBI, CF 100-530-X,
from the Special Agent in Charge, Los Angeles, to FBI Director Hoover on
the subject entitled "Black Panther Party:  Racial Matters" point to
ADL/FBI collusion against the Black Panther Party as well.  The document
in question is an October 22nd, 1968 ADL Report on the Black Panther
Party by Karl Gershman and Jerome Bakst, which concludes, and I quote:

"For the present at least, increasingly frequent and increasingly
violent encounters can be expected between the Panthers and the police."

End quote.  The discovery of this inflammatory report in FBI files
corroborates a passage in the recent book entitled "Racial Matters" by
Kenneth O'Riley in a chapter, titled "The Only Good Panther", which
says, quote:

"Division V tried to disrupt the Panthers by manipulating Rabbi Meyer
Kahani <sp?> and the vigilante-type Jewish Defense League (JDL), leaking
information to college administrators and sources in the Anti-Defamation
League, and working with newspaper columnists, the FBI compared Panther
ideology with the traditional anti-semitism of organizations like the
American Nazi Party and the even more traditional anti-semitism of the
late Adolf Hitler.  And in the case of the JDL, the FBI did not limit
itself to the furnishing of factual information because Kahani's group
could not be motivated to act unless the information concerning
anti-semitism and other matters were furnished with some embellishment."

End quote.  The ADL, ladies and gentlemen, has continued its involvement
in such co/intell/pro-type operations to this very day.  In fact,
well-informed United States intelligence sources charge that after the
scope of the FBI's criminality in co/intell/pro had been exposed and
condemned by the United States Congress, the FBI temporarily shopped-out
all such co/intell/pro operations to the Anti-Defamation League, and I'm
going to give you two examples of just such cases.

James R. Rosenberg <sp?>, also known as Jimmy Mitchell, Jimmy Anderson,
is a full-time paid agent of Anti-Defamation League Fact-Finding
Division.  Police reports corroborate statements to the "Executive
Intelligence Review" that Rosenberg was the Anti-Defamation League's
infiltrator into the Ku Klux Klan chapter in Trenton, New Jersey, who
sought to provoke the group into bombing Trenton's chapter of the
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP).  Pay
stubs from the ADL to Rosenberg at this time have been recovered.

Like many provocateurs employed by both the ADL and the more overtly
violent Jewish Defense League, Rosenberg was given military training in
Israel as an Israeli Defense Forces soldier on loan from the U.S.
National Guard.

David Koresh spent time in Israel, studied in an Israeli school the
Talmud.  He was also trained by the Jewish Defense League, or the Jewish
Defense Forces, in infantry tactics.

In 1981, a female Jewish Defense League member, using the code name
"Rickie", told the "Executive Intelligence Review", quote:

"I met Jimmy in Israel around 1978 when I was at the Kafar Saba <sp?>
kibbutz near the West Bank.  He was always bragging about how he worked
for the Anti-Defamation League to infiltrate the Ku Klux Klan.  Jimmy
got all messed up on Valium.  He even had to go for drug treatment and
that upset him because he got impotent for about six months.  Jimmy
really wanted to be in the Israeli military and he made it.  He sent me
a picture.  But he's a job-nick, a paper-pusher.  They wouldn't trust
him in combat."

End quote.  Rosenberg returned from Israel in 1979 to continue his work
for Irwin Sewell, who apparently used Jimmy's new military training to
have him infiltrate the paramilitary right, which had become a major
target of the ADL.

On December 7th, 1981, Rosenberg appeared in his undercover capacity on
a WCCO television documentary in Minneapolis, titled "Armies of the
Right", where he made the most violent and anti-semitic statements of
any of the members of the Christian Patriots Defense League on the
show.  And he, himself, was an operative of the Anti-Defamation League
of B'nai B'rith, the Jewish arm of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry
Southern Jurisdiction.

Either by oversight or intent, the producers never identified Rosenberg
as an ADL provocateur, even though they knew.  They simply identified
him as Jimmy Anderson, an official of the Queens, New York chapter of
the Christian Defense League.  Rosenberg, and another ADL infiltrator
provocateur in the group, were later arrested on the roof of a Manhattan
brownstone brandishing automatic weapons.

Mordecai Levy <sp?>, also known as James Guttman <sp?>, James Frank,
Mark Levine, Mark Levy, Mordy, etc.  On August 10th, 1989, Mordecai Levy
was apprehended by the New York Police Department after he mounted the
roof of his 6 Bleeker Street apartment building in Greenwich Village and
wounded an innocent passer-by in wild sniper fire.  The shooting
occurred after Jewish Defense League (JDL) leader, Irv Reuben <sp?>,
tried to deliver a subpoena to Levy.  Levy now heads the rival Jewish
Defense Organization for a civil libel case.

The arrest, ladies and gentlemen, of the 30-year-old terrorist on the
charges of attempted murder, first degree assault, and reckless
endangerment, brought to light a new chapter in the pattern of FBI and
ADL collusion in domestic terrorism reminiscent of co/intell/pro.

In a July 18th, 1984 court deposition, the Anti-Defamation League's
Irwin Sewell admitted that he has met and has had telephone
conversations with Levy from time to time for quite some time.  Sewell's
admissions drastically underplayed Levy's long-standing role as one of
the ADL's agents provocateurs.  But in an interview with "Village Voice"
reporter, Robert Friedman <sp?>, another ADL Fact-Finding Division
official, Gail Gans <sp?> confirmed Levy's status as an ADL operator.

Levy was, in fact, a shared asset of the ADL, the FBI, and many other
police agencies.  Two of Levy's FBI controllers are known to be FBI
Special Agents Joseph Valleket <sp?> and Paul Locke <sp?>, both of the
New York Field Office.

Freedom of Information Act documents show that the New York Field Office
had an official liaison with the ADL's national headquarters since, at
the very least, the 1960s.

In February 1979, Levy was caught attempting to provoke a major riot in

And now, folks, back to the ugly, stinking, rotten, putrid truth of the
ADL--something, many things, that most of you have never dreamed
possible in your wildest imagination.

In February 1979, Mordecai Levy, also known as James Guttman, James
Frank, Mark Levine, Mark Levy, Mordy, etc., was caught attempting to
provoke a major riot in Philadelphia.  Using the pseudonym, James
Guttman, Levy obtained a rally permit for a Neo-Nazi rally--a Neo-Nazi
rally--at which he planned to display banners reading, quote:

"Hitler was Right!  Gas the Commie Jews!"

End quote.  Working out of the Philadelphia offices of the JDL, Levy,
under his phony, Neo-Nazi cover, was in the process of contacting all of
the local Ku Klux Klan and Nazi groups to draw them into the event.

Simultaneously, he was working with local left-wing and Jewish groups
and black churches to organize a counter-demonstration.  When some local
reporters learned of Levy's scheme and informed the National Park
Service, the rally permit was canceled.

Local press headlines exposed the plot with headlines such as in the
"Journal".  Quote:

"Jew Applied For The Permit For Nazi Rally"

End quote.  And the "Philadelphia Bulletin", quote:

"Nazi Rally Rouser Really Jewish"

End quote.  At the same time, the Anti-Defamation League ordered Levy to
conduct a harassment campaign against associates of Lyndon LaRouche
which involved scores of death threats phoned into the offices of
Campaigner Publications in New York City.

By Levy's own admission, that effort culminated in an attempted JDL
armed assault against Lyndon LaRouche's Riverdale, New York apartment,
and a menacing demonstration of JDL-ers and YIPpies (which is the Youth
International Party) in front of the Campaigner offices.

The ADL's direct use of Levy in criminal activities came to light in an
affidavit, submitted in October 1984, during LaRouche's civil libel suit
against the National Broadcasting Corporation and the Anti-Defamation
League of B'nai B'rith in the United States District Court in
Alexandria, Virginia.

Levy admitted to a California LaRouche associate that he had been
ordered by the ADL to launch a telephone harassment campaign against the
Alexandria jurors, which would be blamed on followers of LaRouche.  The
Anti-Defamation League, according to the affidavit, provided Levy with
the names and addresses of the jurors.

FBI Special Agent Richard Wade <sp?>, of the Alexandria Field Office,
was ordered by Federal Judge James Cachieras <sp?>, to investigate the
Levy jury tampering evidence, but the investigation was quashed.

On November 20th, 1984, Levy fired a .45 caliber bullet into the Los
Angeles house of a LaRouche associate who was investigating this jury
tampering incident.

In 1985, Levy also emerged as a suspected accomplice in several of the
most significant domestic terrorist acts in years.

On August 15th, 1985, Sharim Subzukov <sp?>, a leader of the Sircasian
<sp?> Muslim Community in Patterson, New Jersey, was the target of a
bombing of his home which caused his death on September 7th.

Just days before the explosion, Mordecai Levy had been in Patterson
publicly attacking Subzukov in a local synagogue with the very same
charges by which the United States Justice Department's official Office
of Special Investigations had unsuccessfully tried to prove Subzukov was
a Nazi war criminal.

A few days after the bombing, Levy held a press conference in Patterson
applauding the attack, but denying responsibility.

One week prior to the bombing, Levy had phoned a death threat to
Subzukov's attorney in the OSI case, Michael Dennis, Esq., during which
Levy also vowed to kill Subzukov.

On October the 11th, 1985, Alex Oda <sp?>, the Santa Anna, California
head of the Arab American Anti-Discrimination Committee, died at
precisely 11:21 a.m., after a bomb, rigged to the door of his office,
exploded as Oda was reporting for work.

The night before he was assassinated, Oda had been interviewed on two
national television shows on the high-jacking of the Aquile Lauro cruise
ship, which Oda said had been the work of an anti-Arafat terrorist
splinter group from the Palestinian Liberation Organization.

Highly reliable sources report that Oda had been the recipient of
multiple threats from Mordecai Levy, the JDL, and the JDO.

Although FBI Director, William Webster, a long-time friend of the
Anti-Defamation League, was obliged to publicly identify the Jewish
Underground as the most active terrorist organization in the United
States during 1985, no arrests were ever made in either the Subzukov or
Oda cases.

Now, let me say that once again, just in case it didn't sink in.

Federal Bureau of Investigation Director, William Webster, who was a
long-time friend of the Anti-Defamation League, was forced to publicly
identify the Jewish Underground as the most active terrorist
organization in the United States during 1985.

Sources close to the late Alex Oda were candidly told by the Federal
Bureau of Investigation that there would be no arrests because of the
killer's links to Israeli Intelligence, the Mossad.  The sources were
also told that Levy would not be prosecuted despite evidence of his
complicity before the fact, because he was to be used by the government
as a witness in upcoming federal trials of Lyndon LaRouche.

Top officials of the Anti-Defamation League are suspected accessories in
a number of major international political assassinations, including the
murders of Swedish Prime Minister Olaf Palm <sp?>, and Indian Prime
Minister Indiri Gandhi.

While no evidence is known to exist linking the ADL to the actual
executions, very strong evidence does exist in all three cases
implicating top Anti-Defamation League officials in the preparation or
the cover-up of those crimes.

In the case of the assassination of Indira Gandhi on October the 31st,
1984, eye-witness accounts of a court room encounter with
Anti-Defamation League officials Irwin Sewell and Barbara Wahl <sp?>
just hours after Mrs. Gandhi was murdered by a Sikh fanatic who was a
member of her own security detail, report that the two were visibly
elated over her assassination.

The key link between the Anti-Defamation League and the Sikh extremist
who murdered Prime Minister Gandhi runs through Rabbi Rosenthal, a
senior ADL employee, and head of the League's Latin American Affairs
Division, who is directly linked to the man who ordered the
assassination, Dr. Jagzhet Sing Chouhan <sp?>.  It also runs through
Rosenthal's long-time intimate political collaborator and sometimes
business partner, John Speller.

Speller, ladies and gentlemen, is widely believed to be a high-level
intelligence agent for British Intelligence and Scottish Rite
Freemasonic networks associated with Lord Nicholas Bethel <sp?> and
Julian Amory <sp?>, although he also had documented links to Israeli,
Soviet, and American intelligence services.

One year before Mrs. Gandhi's assassination, Speller sponsored a United
States visit by Jagzhet Sing Chouhan, which included meetings with
conservative members of the United States Senate.  It was partly on the
basis of that American tour that Soviet news agencies blamed the Reagan
administration for the Gandhi assassination, even though then Defense
Secretary Casper Weinburger <sp?> was in the process of deepening United
States/ Indian military cooperation which was threatening Soviet
influence in the subcontinent.

After Mrs. Gandhi's death, Rabbi Rosenthal and Speller, operating
through a front company they had jointly established called Transglobal
Resources, arranged a series of secret meetings in Washington, London,
and Quito, Ecuador, which resulted in the Ecuadorian government offering
Chouhan a large tract of land on which to establish a Khalestani <sp?>

As the ADL's full-time director of Latin American Affairs, Rosenthal had
utilized the agency's channels inside Ecuador to help establish a safe
haven for Sikh extremists, some of whom had recently blown up an Air
Canada flight and had plotted the assassination of Mrs. Gandhi's son and
successor, Rajiv Gandhi <sp?>, during a state visit to Washington in
December 1984.

The Sikh extremists have never tried to hide their intention of
eliminating Mrs. Gandhi.  Jagzhet Sing Chouhan, the President-in-exile
of the non-existent separatist state of Khalestan <sp?>, issued his
widely-publicized call for Mrs. Gandhi's assassination on June 9th,
1984, three days after Indian Army troops had stormed the Golden Temple
in Amritzar <sp?> and liberated it from the hands of armed Sikh radicals
linked to Chouhan.

Less than one week before Mrs. Gandhi's murder, Chouhan had told a
caller into his Reading, England headquarters, quote:

"Some man will come forward and take off the head of Mrs. Gandhi."

End quote.  Chouhan's call led immediately to the formation of the
terrorist World Sikh Organization.  Representatives of the World Sikh
Organization were soon meeting with officials of the Anti-Defamation
League's Interfaith Affairs Department, according to Rabbi Leon Klinicki
<sp?>, the Department's Director.

The meeting had been set up at the request of Landrum Bolling <sp?>, the
Chairman of the Eli Lily Endowment, which heavily funds the League's
Interfaith unit.

Surjiet Sing <sp?>, a top official of the World Sikh organization, who
has been intimately linked to Chouhan since 1947, is also a close,
personal friend of Anti-Defamation League Honorary National Chairman
Kenneth Bailken.

We will continue with this next week, ladies and gentlemen.  And I don't
know how much of it will be live.  And you may hear some reruns next
week because I have to go on a trip.

But if your eyes are beginning to be opened, if you're beginning to have
an inkling of understanding of the lies and the deception and the way
that all of us have been manipulated--Orientals, Jews, Blacks, American
Indians, Caucasians, different religious organizations, churches,
congregations, and yes, folks, even nations--listen to everyone.  Read
everything that you can lay your hands on.  But if you are really
intelligent, if you want to be a real people and not a sheeple, you will
never believe any of it, not one single word, including what you hear on
this broadcast, unless you, yourself, can validate it with facts in your
own investigations.

And if you're too lazy to do that, or if you're unwilling to do that, or
if you're in some situation where you cannot do that, then it's best
that you just never believe anything at all.  For to believe one word
without validation is to place yourself in the control of the person who
uttered that word.  In effect, you become his or her puppet.  And when
they pull the strings, you will dance--as all puppets dance when the
puppeteer pulls the strings.

Read "Pinocchio" again.  Read it again.  It's about a dummy that grew

That's right, folks.

Walt Disney was an initiate of the Illuminati.  He's been pulling your
strings all your life.

Pinocchio represented the sheeple.  Pinocchio, unlike most sheeple,
became a real boy who could think and who became worthwhile.

How about you?

Are you going to stay a wooden-head all your life?  A bunch of sticks
and string and glue and paint?

Or are you going to become a real person?

Good night, l
adies and gentlemen.  And God bless you all.

ADL #8

The Ugly Truth About The ADL


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