ADL #3

Tape No. 385 "ADL No. 3"
June 28, 1994

This broadcast was taken in whole or in part from investigations conducted by the CAJI News Service, and the Intelligence Service, and from reports published by The Executive Intelligence Review entitled "The Ugly Truth About The ADL", and "Dope Inc.".

Tonight, make sure you're paying attention as we continue with our
report entitled, "The Ugly Truth About the Anti-Defamation League"--the
ADL--by the editors of the "Executive Intelligence Review".

Now, so that you can more accurately judge this information, this report
was published in 1992.  CAJI has spent a year-and-a-half with eight of
our best operatives investigating the facts published in this report,
and we can find absolutely nothing in this report that is not factual,
that is not true.  It is a complete, factual, true report.

It echoes what other people have discovered when they have investigated
the ADL.  It echoes bits and pieces that we have collected over the
years, but they put it all together.  We have duplicated their
research.  It is 100% accurate.

And if verifies everything that I have ever said to you, ladies and
gentlemen, about how we are manipulated by these people--the Illuminati,
the secret societies--for the ADL does not represent the Jewish people.

It represents a secret organization, a secret society, a branch of the
Illuminati known as B'nai B'rith, controlled by the Scottish Rite of

I've been telling you this for a long, long time.

Many of the victims of the ADL have been Jews over the years.  And as
you will see, as you continue to listen to the expose of the ADL, as
written in a report by the editors of the "Executive Intelligence
Review", as you will see, ladies and gentlemen, all of us are being

And for any of you out there who may be Jewish, this is not an
anti-Jewish program; it is not anti-semitic.  And if you blindly support
the ADL without thoroughly investigating them as the "Executive
Intelligence Review" has done, and as we have done, it would be exactly
the same as if I blindly supported anti-semitic organizations simply
because they claimed to be acting in the best interest of the Caucasian
race, or of Christianity.  So, don't be foolish in this.

If you've been listening to this program for a long, long time, you know
there is no racism here whatsoever.  There is no bias for or against any
one religion.  The only thing we're concerned with here is truth.

We want to know who is lying to us, who is deceiving us, who is
manipulating us, who is pitting us against each other, who is trying to
take our Creator-endowed rights from us, who is trying to destroy the
protector of those rights--the Constitution and the Bill of Rights--and
bring about a one-world, totalitarian, socialist government.

All of our efforts are toward those ends.  And when the common man
learns how stupid, ignorant, and apathetic he's been, how easily he's
been lied to, how easily he's been deceived, and how easy it is for the
puppet masters to pull the strings and make him dance, then we can cast
off the yoke of slavery forever and all peoples will have finally a
chance to maybe live together in peace.

And that is our only hope--that we, the common,
every-day-ordinary-people, learn the secrets that have been held from us
by those who call themselves the "Guardians of the Secrets of the Ages",
of which the ADL, the JDL, B'nai B'rith, the Ku Klux Klan, the White
Aryan Movement, British Israelism, black racism--all of these
things--are manipulations of those who call themselves the ones with the
only truly mature minds, and thus the only ones entitled to rule.

Tonight:  the ADL peddles the New Age.

In the summer of 1989, the entire world was reeling in shock and horror
over the discovery of a Satanic burial ground on a ranch in Matamoros,
Mexico.  Dozens of mutilated, cannibalized corpses were discovered.

The grisly details of the kidnapping and human sacrifice of one of the
cult's victims--Texas college student, Mark Kilroy--prompted Texas State
legislators to draft a law stiffening the penalties for Satanic,
ritualistic crimes, and making it a criminal offense to conduct certain
occult rituals.  The Governor of Texas convened a Special Session of the
legislature to get the bill passed.

But, ladies and gentlemen, the ADL--the Anti-Defamation League--while
peddling bills all across the country that would make it a crime just to
think anti-semitic thoughts--launched an all-out effort to defeat the
Texas crack-down on Satanic crimes, branding the bill "anti-semitic".

Now, if it was true that the bill was "anti-semitic", it would be an
admission by the ADL that "semitic" means "Satanic".  However, that's
not true, as you will see.  "Semitic" does not mean "Satanic".  However,
that's what this reaction by the ADL would imply.

In its jaded logic, the ADL claimed that, technically, the bill made it
illegal for rabbis to perform circumcisions on infants.  Nothing could
have been further from the truth, for not only do Jews practice
circumcision upon infants, but most doctors recommend it to all
male-born babies in almost every hospital in the country as a hygienic

The vast majority of the Jewish community in Texas, including many
leading Rabbis, refused to buy into the ADL's twisted interpretation,
and supported the bill as they should have as good citizens of the
state--which most Jewish people are.

Some people began to smell a rat, and they were right.

Not only has the ADL been an integral part of the organized crime
structure that has wrecked America's youth through the peddling of
drugs, but as a pivotal institution within the Scottish Rite Freemasonry
Southern Jurisdiction, the ADL has been a part of the century-old effort
to paganize America under a variety of labels:  secular humanism, new
religions, and most recently--the New Age.

Not surprisingly, as investigators probed the higher levels of the New
Age Plot, they found that the New York City Cathedral of St. John the
Divine--the headquarters of ADL patrons Bishop Paul Moore and Cannon
Edward West, was at the very center of the paganization effort.

This is the same Cathedral that George Bush used to attend.

While nominally part of the Anglican Protestant Episcopal persuasion,
the Cathedral is actually the underground headquarters of the Luciferian
Movement in America.

Since 1948, ladies and gentlemen, the ADL has devoted over one-third of
its legal efforts to support activity that may rightfully be called "the
Plot to Kill God".

You see, the ADL has filed dozens of amicus curiae--friends of the court
briefs--in legal cases often settled by the United States Supreme
Courts, whose results have included:

banning school prayer;
banning released time for religious instruction;
banning Christmas carols and spirituals;
banning celebration of Judeo-Christian holidays...

Now, do you understand that?  Not just Christian, but Judeo-Christian,

...and most recently:

banning the Bible as unfit for the classroom--the first five books of
which are the Jewish Torah; causing federal, state, and local
governments to be neutral on religious issues;

as well as:

compelling them to cease participation in any display of art associated
with the Christian religion, whether during a religious holiday season
or other time; and

banning prayers in court rooms, together with religious oaths for courts
and government officials.

While the ADL has concentrated upon uprooting the traditions of western
Christian civilization from public life--in effect, by throwing
Christianity out the front door of schools--it has not ever protested as
New Age religion has been ushered in the back door, now to permeate
society.  They don't say a word about that.

In fact, while condemning any manifestation of Christianity at every
turn, the ADL has used First Amendment arguments in court and elsewhere
to defend witchcraft--witchcraft--and peyote (an hallucinogen derived
from a type of a cactus) cults.

The ADL has not acted alone, ladies and gentlemen, in this drive to
paganize America.  It has enjoyed the assistance of some friends in
very, very high places.  And don't forget that the ADL is just an arm of
B'nai B'rith, which is controlled by the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry.

Some of these friends in high places include the highest court in the
land.  It began in earnest on February 10th, 1947 when Supreme Court
Justice Hugo Black rendered the majority opinion in the case of "Everson
<sp?> v. Board of Education".

Black, ladies and gentlemen, who was a life-long member of the Ku Klux
Klan, and was a 33rd Degree Freemason of the Southern Jurisdiction of
the Scottish Rite, enshrined the following phrase, and I quote:

"In the words of Jefferson, the clause against establishment of religion
by law was intended to erect a wall of separation between church and

End quote.  During the period of time when the attention of the Court
seemed to focus on religious clause cases (roughly 1949 to 1956), seven
members of the Craft--that's Freemasonry--served on the Court, along
with a former Freemason, Justice Sherman Minton <sp?>.

Freemasons continued to dominate the Court while most of the decisions
to uproot Christianity were made until 1971.

The Southern Jurisdiction of Scottish Rite Freemasonry to which the
preponderance of Supreme Court Justices belonged from the period of 1939
to 1971 is the self-described "New Age Jurisdiction".

And that was THEIR term, ladies and gentlemen, not mine and not the
editors of the "Executive Intelligence Review".  That's what they called

Not coincidentally, the magazine, the publication of the Supreme Council
of the Southern Jurisdiction of the Scottish Rite was entitled, "The New

As Paul A. Fischer <sp?> aptly demonstrates in his book entitled,
"Behind the Lodge Door", the original intent of the religious
establishment clause by the Founding Fathers, who shaped this
Constitutional instrument, was to guard against the state establishing a
theocracy of the Roman cult variety that would persecute those
practicing the tenets of western Christian civilization upon which the
Republic had been founded.

Yet, through Justice Black's "wall decision" in "Everson", and hundreds
of subsequent federal, state, and local rulings, a Manichaean religious
cult is on the verge of establishing a New Age theocracy in the United
States today.

The Founding Fathers, ladies and gentlemen, whatever problems may have
existed with their religion in that regard, they believed that each
individual had been created in "Imago Viva Dia"--in the living image of
God--with a divine spark of reason which they expressed in the principle
that all men are created equal under God.

The fallacy of the "wall of separation" cult dogma is shown by the
Northwest Ordinance, passed in 1787 and re-adopted in 1789, which
provided, ladies and gentlemen, that:

"...religion, morality, and knowledge, being necessary to good
government and the happiness of mankind, schools and the means of
education shall forever be encouraged."

And in his Farewell Address to the nation in 1796, President George
Washington declared that, quote:

"Religion and morality are indispensable supports for political

End quote.  And he warned that we could not expect, quote:

"...that national morality can prevail in the exclusion of religious

End quote.  For it is a fact:  without religion, there are no morals.

Undoubtedly, Justice Hugo Black's Masonically-dominated Court would have
found these sentiments to be unconstitutional.  As Justice Black's son
said of him, he was a man who, quote:

"...could not whip himself up to a belief in God, or the divinity of
Christ, life after death, or heaven or hell."

End quote.  When he first ran for the United States Senate, public
condemnation compelled Black on July 9th, 1925 to, quote:

"...retire from the Robert E. Lee Klan No. 1.  But he closed his letter
of resignation to the Kligrap <sp?>..."

--that's the secretary in the Ku Klux Klan--

"...'Yours in the sacred, unbreakable bond.'"

End quote.  And this man was sitting on the Supreme Court of the United
States of America.

Having won election, Black participated in a secret Klan ceremony
witnessed by investigative reporter, Ray Spriggel <sp?>, on September
2nd, 1926, where Senator Black was welcomed back to the Klan with a
Grand Passport of Life Membership at the Birmingham, Alabama State Klan

At the ceremony, Black swore never to divulge, even under threat of
death, the secrets of the Invisible Empire.  And he said, quote:

"I swear I will most zealously and valiantly shield and preserve, by any
and all justifiable means and methods, white supremacy.  All to which I
have sworn by this oath, I will seal with my blood.  Be thou my witness,
Almighty God.  Amen."

End quote.  Ironically, ladies and gentlemen, although Spriggel's
truthful articles were carried in all the major papers, it was the two
flagship journals of American liberalism, "The Nation" and "The New
Republic", that chose to believe Black's denials that he was a Klan
member in the 1920s in a scandal that continued after President Franklin
Delano Roosevelt appointed Senator Black to the Supreme Court in 1937.
And since then it has been proven.

The ADL, ladies and gentlemen, has been among the strongest upholders of
life-long Ku Klux Klan member and Mason Justice Hugo Black's "wall of
separation" decision, beginning a year after the 1947 "Everson" opinion
containing this new language.

A history of that involvement can be found in the ADL's pamphlet called,
"Friend of the Court 1947-1982:  To Secure Justice and Fair Treatment
For All", by Jill Donney Snyder <sp?> and Eric K. Goodman <sp?>.

In the chapter titled, "Separation of Church and State" we find the
following, and I quote:

"Since 1948, ADL has filed amicus briefs in practically every major
church-state case, consistently arguing for a strict interpretation of
the establishment clause.

"ADL continues to work for a strict separation of church and state, a
commitment that dates back to the League's first involvement in an
establishment clause dispute, 'McCollum <sp?> v. Board of Education'.

"In the Everson opinion, the Court emphasized in strong language the
parameters of the establishment clause.

"ADL stands firmly committed to a strict separation between church and
state.  The'wall of separation' must be fortified and strengthened so
that the religious freedom dreamed of by Jefferson and the other
Founding Fathers may endure now and forever an example to the world."

End quote.  Among the actions in which the ADL has been the historic
friend of a Masonically-dominated Court, and of KKK-er Justice Black's
"wall" re-interpretation of the establishment clause are:

1.  "Released Time" -- From the 1948 McCollum case until the present
day, the ADL has fought released time from schools which gives a release
for students to participate in religious education.

One of the most recent cases was "Doe v. Hewman <sp?>" which was
affirmed when the Supreme Court refused to hear it, and in which the ADL
had filed an amicus brief.

It resulted in the school system of Gravette <sp?>, Arkansas having to
end the practice of released time for religious instruction in the
schools on a voluntary basis requiring parental approval.

In its pamphlet, "ADL and the Courts:  Litigation Docket 1991", the ADL
states that this story-time program in Gravette, quote:

"...presents at least two inescapable infringements on the establishment
clause:  impermissible inclusion of religion in the public schools; and
forbidden state indoctrination of a particular faith."

End quote.  Paul D. Hewman, the Superintendent of Schools in Gravette,
told a reporter for "Executive Intelligence Review", quote:

"By such cases the stage is being set for a one-world religion.  Kids
are being brainwashed to death by the New Age religions and it has
become harder and harder to take a Christian stand.  There is no
question but that the real agenda of groups like the ADL is to usher in
the New Age.  The more the New Age is brought in, the lesser the
boundaries on moral action.  'If it's right for you, it's right' is the
guideline of the New Age.  Moral principles are thrown out the window."

2.  "Parochial Aid" -- The question of public aid for parochial schools
was the centerpiece of the "Everson" decision written by Justice Hugo
Black, and there have been dozens of parochial aid suits since then.

For over 30 years, one of the ADL's strongest allies in such cases has
been Americans United for Separation of Church and State.

According to the Managing Editor of the "Scottish Rite Journal", Dr.
John W. Boettcher <sp?>:  Sovereign Grand Commander C. Fred Kleinnect
<sp?> relied heavily upon the staff of Americans United for Separation
of Church and State to write his "Call to Arms" in the November 1991
issue, defending Jefferson's "wall of separation" which Kleinnect calls
the cornerstone of the Constitution.

Now, remember, this is the chief high muckety-muck of the Scottish Rite
of the Southern Jurisdiction of Freemasonry.

Boettcher is himself a member of the National Advisory Council of
Americans United Against Church and State that has worked closely with
the ADL.

Another collaborator of Americans United is Greg Ivers <sp?>, who wrote
the recent ADL "Call to Arms" which parallels that of Supreme Commander
Kleinnect, titled, "Lowering the Wall:  Religion in the Supreme Court in
the 1980s".

The full import, ladies and gentlemen, of Justice Black's membership in
the Southern Jurisdiction New Age Religious Cult--and that's exactly
what it is,--the New Age Religious Cult emerges in a letter that 33rd
Degree Mason and Grand Prior of the Supreme Council Scottish Rite
McIlyer H. Lictleider <sp?> wrote to Justice Harold Burton two years
after "Everson". The letter described Lictleider's pilgrimage to the
tomb of Jacques deMolay, who had been Grand Master of the Knights

DeMolay had been condemned as a heretic after Pope Clement V and the
French King Philippe Libel <sp?> ordered an investigation which
discovered that upon initiation into this crusading order, members were
required to spit upon an image of Christ's face.  The Templars were
shown to be a Manichaean cult, practicing a form of the Middle Eastern
Baphomet paganism as an initiation into their inner secrets.

You see, their research has confirmed exactly my research, and the
research of CAJI members that resulted in over 40 hours of air time of
our "Mystery Babylon" series.

After Jacques deMolay was executed in 1314, as nineteenth century
Scottish Rite Supreme Commander, General Albert Pike stated in his book,
"Morals and Dogma", renegade Templars traveling to Scotland helped King
Bruce found a precursor of the Scottish Rite which is also part of the
ritual of the New Age Southern Jurisdiction known as the 30th Degree
Knight Kadosh <sp?>, otherwise known as the Holy Knight, Knight of the
Temple, and Degree of Revenge.

According to Pike, the Knights Templar were, from the very beginning,
devoted to opposition to the Tiara of Rome and the crown of its chiefs.
Their object, Pike said, was to acquire influence and wealth, then to
intrigue, and at need, fight to establish the Johnite, or Gnostic, and
Cabalistic Dogma.

Isn't is strange that everybody who investigates these secret societies
ends up at the same door with the same facts?

According to author Paul Fischer, the former Grand Commander of the
Scottish Rite Pike also asserted that the secret movers of the French
Revolution had sworn upon the tomb of deMolay to overthrow throne and
altar.  Then when King Louis XVI of France was executed in 1793, half
the work was done.  Thence forward, the Army of the Temple was to direct
all its efforts against the Pope.

Remember, whoever you are, whatever race you are, whatever religion you
belong to:  the enemy that you perceive is not your enemy.  You are
controlled by your enemy and you don't even know it.  All of us are
controlled by our enemy except for a small minority who have awakened
and refuse to be controlled any longer.

The enemy pits us against each other.  They teach us to hate each
other.  They preach lies.  They twist scripture.  They twist history.
They fake incidents.  And so we end up hating each other, and fighting
each other, while they are moving very carefully, surely, and swiftly in
the background to enslave us all.

Now, the quicker we all realize this and set ourselves free--for there
is no knight in shining armor riding up on a white horse that's going to
do it for us.

The United States Founding Fathers well knew the seditious nature of the
Scottish Rite which President George Washington, in a letter to Minister
G. W. Snyder <sp?>, denounced for its diabolical tenets, and for having
unleashed the pernicious principles of the Jacobin mob during the French

Now, for those of you who have not studied history, the Jacobin Movement
was the old Adam Weishaupt Illuminati under a different name.

3.  "Prayer" -- These "wall of separation" cases began in the early
1960s and they continue today.

In the interim, the Supreme Court, with the full approval of the ADL,
has been involved in banning non-denominational prayer to a monotheistic
God; voluntary prayer; and silent prayer in schools, court rooms, and at
other federal, state, and local government functions.

In a related case, in which the ADL filed an amicus brief in 1961,
"Torcaso v. Watkins", the Supreme Court ruled it unconstitutional for
people seeking public office to be required to take an oath that they
believed in the existence of God.

In 1963, with "School District of Abbington <sp?> Township v. Shemp",
the Supreme Court agreed with the ADL's amicus argument that Bible
reading at the start of a school day is unconstitutional.

In the recent case of "Kenneth Roberts v. Kathleen Madigan", as we shall
see, the Supreme Court affirmed the decision of the Tenth United States
Circuit Court of Appeals that banned the Bible from being in the school
room unless a teacher hid it in his desk.  It cannot even be on the
shelf in the library.

In it's pamphlet, "Friend of the Court", the ADL argues that it is
seeking to keep the government completely out of religion and vice
versa, less the Jewish minority be overwhelmed by a Christian minority.

Do you understand what I just said, ladies and gentlemen?

But at the same time, while claiming to protect Jewry, the Bible is
outlawed from the school--even from the school library--which includes,
ladies and gentlemen, the Torah.

So, in the guise of defending Jewry against Christianity, Jews also are
prohibited from taking their holy book into school, having it in school,
or reading it in the school library; also from saying prayers.

It protects no one.  It takes away the right to practice the religion of
your choice for all of us, every single one of us--Jew, Gentile, the
followers of the prophet Mohammed, Buddhists, those who follow the
Shinto way, Daoism--it doesn't matter.  Quote:

"The horrible consequences of an officially sponsored religion can be
seen in the Crusades, and in one of the darkest periods of Jewish
history--the Spanish Inquisition.

"ADL works to ensure a strict separation of church and state so as to
protect minority religions.  Judaism is a central concern for the

End quote.  Now children saying a prayer in school, or carrying a copy
of their own personal religious book, whatever it may be, are now
compared to the Spanish Inquisition.

Do you see how things are twisted, ladies and gentlemen?

But the ADL's hostility, rather than being directed against
Christianity, is actually directed against the entirety of all of the
Judeo-Christian traditions, including Jews--especially orthodox Jews.

It's demonstrated when the ADL filed amicus briefs to ban display of the
Ten Commandments in the classroom in cases paralleling the school prayer

Perhaps the most ironic case, given the ADL's claims to represent Jewish
interests, was its stand in the 1980 Ten Commandments case, "Stone v.
Graham", where the plaintiffs challenged a Kentucky statute which
required the posting of the Ten Commandments in each school classroom.

The ADL ended up fighting a small-print statement after the last
commandment which read--listen to this folks; this is what they

"The secular application of the Ten Commandments is clearly seen in its
adoption as the fundamental legal code of western civilization and the
common law of the United States."

End quote.  And this is something that should be taught in every single
class which teaches western civilization because it is absolutely true.

In November 1980, the ADL agreed with the Supreme Court's decision that
this was unconstitutional.

4.  "Christmas Carols, Hymns, and Spirituals" -- Nearly all of these
song forms, which are a most efficient prophylactic to protect children
from the horrors of the rock/drug/sex counter-culture, and are a bridge
to classical music, have been all but banned with the agreement of the
ADL from public schools.

One recent case, "Florrie <sp?> v. Sioux Falls School District 49-5"
grew out of a 1978 School Board policy which allowed the singing of
Christmas carols, the performance of religious plays, and the display of
religious symbols in Sioux Falls public schools.

Although the ADL filed amicus briefs at the level of the Eighth United
States Circuit Court of Appeals, and with the Supreme Court, the latter
refused to hear the case, thereby affirming the decision of the Appeals
Court that such actions were Constitutional, much to the dismay of the
Anti-Defamation League.

5.  "Equal Access Act" -- Another decision that grew cries of alarm from
both the ADL and the New Age Southern Jurisdiction that the "wall" was
being lowered involved the EAA.

In a June 4th, 1990 press release, the ADL said, quote:

"The Supreme Court decision today upholding the Equal Access Amendment
erodes the wall separating church and state."

End quote.  The case, "Board of Education of West Side Community Schools
v. Murgins <sp?>", involved the efforts of a student, Bridget C.
Murgins, to have equal access to school facilities for a Christian Bible
study club.

According to the ADL release, quote:

"The Court held that student-sponsored religious clubs in public high
schools do not violate the establishment clause of the First Amendment."

End quote.  And of course, they don't.

In its amicus brief, the ADL argued that the EAA was unconstitutional
since it involves the public schools promoting religious activities
impermissible from the standpoint of the cult dogma underlying the "wall
of separation" opinion of Justice Hugo Black.

In its 1991 "ADL and the Courts" pamphlet, the ADL describes its amicus
brief as having argued the following, quote:

"The brief contended that both the legislative history of the EAA and
the language of the statute itself reveal its impermissible religious

"The EAA arose following several unsuccessful legislative and
Constitutional initiatives to promote religion in public schools.  When
these efforts failed, Congress adopted the free speech analysis from
"Widmar v. Vincent <sp?>" (454 U.S. Sup. Ct. 263, 1983), characterizing
student religious activity as a protected form of free expression."

End quote.  What particularly disturbed the ADL was that by granting
Christian clubs equal access to school facilities where there was an
open forum for the debate of often competing ideas, the Supreme Court,
in upholding the EAA, had somehow given undue emphasis to the free
speech clause of the First Amendment over the establishment clause
interpretation of Justice Black--dangerous in the viewpoint of the ADL.

6.  "Religious Symbols" -- As a result of adjudication since the
"Everson" decision, it has become unconstitutional for schools and
governments to celebrate Christmas or other Christian holidays with a
display of such religious symbols as crosses, nativity scenes, or
depictions of Jesus.

Instead, what MUST be substituted are Santa Claus, reindeer, and
Christmas trees, which are of a secular nature, and tend to substitute
the material aspect of gifts rather than the religious significance of
the founding of Christianity with the birth of Christ.

Of course, we all know that Christ was not born on Christmas--as
Christianity seems to think--but in a completely different part of the
year altogether.  And we all know that Santa Claus, reindeer, and
Christmas trees are not of a secular nature, but are part of an old
pagan, European religion.

The ADL has participated in a number of such cases.  Among the recent
ones described in its 1991 "ADL and the Courts" pamphlet is "Doe v.
Small" (934 F.2d 743, 7th Cir. 1991), quote:

"At issue in this case was the Constitutionality of a public park
display of numerous large paintings depicting scenes from the life of
Jesus Christ."

End quote.  The ADL wrote an amicus brief in this case from Ottawa,
Illinois, saying that the local government's assistance to the Jaycees
in preparing the annual display, including the use of public land,
violated the "wall of separation".  Writes the ADL, quote:

"The brief contended that the city is not merely acknowledging or
celebrating Christmas, but that it is instead supporting Christianity."

End quote.  Yet, in the case of "American Jewish Congress v. City of
Beverly Hills", Case No. CV 90-6521, when the American Jewish Congress
filed suit against the Lubovichers for erecting a menorah to celebrate
Hanukkah on public property, the Anti-Defamation League worked out a
compromise whereby the menorah could be displayed along with a large
Christmas tree on land that did not face public buildings.

7.  "Banning the Bible" -- Quote:

"On June 29, 1992, the Supreme Court let stand a ruling in the case of
"Kenneth Roberts v. Kathleen Madigan and Adams County School District
No. 50" that the Constitution prohibits an elementary public school
teacher from silently reading the Bible to himself while his students
read secular books.

"The Court declined to review a decision of the Tenth U.S. Circuit Court
of Appeals that Kenneth Roberts, a fifth-grade public school teacher,
teaching in a suburb of Denver, violated the Constitution by reading the
Bible to himself during the classroom's silent reading period."

End quote.  Now, I ask you, ladies and gentlemen, why would anyone care
what someone reads silently to themselves during a period when there is
absolutely nothing for them to do except wait for the students to finish
their assignment?

The Tenth Circuit had ruled that even having the Bible on top of the
teacher's desk in view of the students violates the First Amendment, and
Roberts had been forced to hide the Bible in his desk after he was
admonished by the Principal, Kathleen Madigan.

The Appeals Court also ruled it unconstitutional for Roberts to include
two Christian books--"The Bible in Pictures" and "The Story of
Jesus"--in his 240-volume classroom library among such other books as
"Tom Sawyer", "The Wizard of Oz", and "Charlotte's Web".

Also in the classroom library were two books that contained discussions
of Indian religions and a book on Greek mythology--neither one of which
the ADL was concerned about.

The ADL filed an amicus brief with the Tenth U.S. Circuit Court of
Appeals.  To quote "ADL and the Courts", and I quote:

"ADL's brief argued that the District Court properly denied the
injunctive relief when it determined that Roberts was using his role as
a teacher to advance religion in violation of the Limine <sp?>
Establishment Clause Test.

"ADL argued that the Supreme Court has recognized repeatedly that to
impressionable school children religious activities in the public
schools convey the message of government sponsorship of religion.  This
is particularly true when a teacher reads from the Bible in front of

End quote.  Now, someone reading this casually would think that it means
that the teacher was reading from the Bible to the students.  And of
course, he was not.  Words can be tricky, and words can tell the truth
but convey the wrong meaning--especially to sheeple.

However, as even the ADL had to acknowledge, quote:

"One of the three judges in the Court of Appeals panel dissented,
charging that the school was converting the establishment clause into
governmental disapproval, disparagement, and hostility toward the
Christian religion."

End quote--all of which are forbidden by the Constitution of the United
States of America.

The ADL's hostility to the basic Judeo-Christian principles upon which
the United States was founded is blatant.

Its support for overtly Satanic or New Age alternatives to
Judeo-Christian moral values, while less public, is also clear--very
clear--upon close observation.

The League's post-Matamoros efforts to sandbag Texas legislation against
Satanic-related crimes is one case in point.

Another case in point, ladies and gentlemen, is the ADL's involvement in
one of the most outrageous instances of child sexual abuse in recent

The scandal began in Omaha, Nebraska--and many of you have heard about
it--but eventually spread to Washington, D.C., implicating officials of
the Reagan-Bush White House in after-hours cavorting with male

It has been the subject of thousands of pages of news coverage, several
criminal trials, and one book:  "The Franklin Cover-Up:  Child Abuse,
Satanism, and Murder in Nebraska", written by retired Nebraska State
Senator and decorated Vietnam War hero, John Decamp <sp?>.

In late 1988, federal regulators moved in and shut the doors of the
Franklin Community Federal Credit Union in Omaha.  The institution had
been looted into bankruptcy by its founder and manager, Larry King.

King, a prominent black Republican Party activist, had been sponsored by
some of the most powerful people in town, including the publisher of the
only state-wide daily newspaper in Nebraska, Harold Anderson; and one of
the world's wealthiest men, investment broker, Warren Buffet <sp?>.

Following the blow-out of Franklin Credit, evidence began to surface
that King, along with many of his prestigious local backers, was part of
a VIP homosexual cult which regularly tortured and sexual abused area
youth in pedophilic orgies.

Further investigations, ladies and gentlemen, linked King to Washington
lobbyist and homosexual Craig Spence <sp?>.  When Washington bunko cops
busted a male prostitution ring in the summer of 1989, Spence's name
showed up all over the company's records as one of its biggest-spending

Spence had high-level White House and GOP connections, and on several
occasions, had toured the President's home after dark in the company of
corporate clients and homosexual prostitutes.

According to several accounts, King and Spence were business partners in
several call-boy services.

Back in Omaha, Nebraska, a mad dash to cover up the pedophile activities
was launched by local Federal Bureau of Investigation officials and the
Omaha Chief of Police, Robert Wadman <sp?>--himself a member of the
homosexual cult.

According to numerous witness accounts, and according to a book recently
published, the FBI had a lot of practice covering up this kind of thing
following their Director, J. Edgar Hoover, during his trysts with young
boys across the nation.

Ultimately, King was carted off to federal prison on bank fraud charges
and several efforts to get to the bottom of the pedophile ring were

And I might inject here:  J. Edgar Hoover was also a 33rd Degree
Freemason of the Scottish Rite.

More questions remain unanswered, but one thing is certain.  Allen Baer
<sp?>, a local Omaha multi-millionaire and financial backer of the ADL,
was personally caught red-handed in pedophile activities.

In 1990, Baer was charged with pandering by local police.  He pleaded
guilty to a lesser charge rather than face a jury trial with all the
attendant media coverage.  Baer's name came up repeatedly as a major
player in the testimony of victim witnesses to the child abuse.

The Allen and Marsha Baer Foundation was also listed as a source of
money to several charities, including the Girls Club of Omaha, that were
apparently victimized by the child abuse ring.  The Foundation also
donates to the Gay Men's Health Crisis, Inc. in San Francisco, and the
People With Aids Coalition.

In December 1991, Allen Baer put up the money for a full-page
advertisement placed by the ADL, the Anti-Defamation League, in several
major newspapers.  The ad, headlined, quote:

"Not All Nazis Are Living In South America"

end quote--was a fund-raising pitch for the ADL.

Bad judgment on the part of the ADL?

Or merely one more instance of raising the curtain on who they really

Is the ADL showing its true colors?

Ladies and gentlemen, you be the judge.

Good night, and God bless you all.

ADL #4

The Ugly Truth About The ADL


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