Clinton GUILTY of Abuse of Power

by William Cooper

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Veritas News Service - EXCLUSIVE - December 23, 1998 - President William Jefferson Clinton IS guilty of Abuse of the Powers of the office of the President. Despite the claims of his supporters I can prove that the President has used, is using, and intends to further use the power of his office to DESTROY anyone whom he considers to be an enemy of his administration. I will be most happy to testify to the facts in the Senate during the trial to impeach William Clinton.

I am an American Patriot. I have served my country for most of my life. I served honorably in the United States Air Force and the United States Navy. I was a Patrol Boat Captain in the harbor of Da Nang, and on the Cua Viet River attached to the office of Naval Security and Intelligence headquartered at Camp Carter in the Vietnam War. I was presented the Navy Achievement Medal with the "V" for Valor, and the Navy Commendation Medal with the "V" for Valor for service in the war. I served on the intelligence briefing team for Commander in Chief of the Pacific Fleet Admiral Bernard Clarey at Makalapa, Hawaii.

While stationed at CINCPACFLT I was granted a Top Secret Q SI security clearance which eventually allowed me to witness and read documents which outlined that a world government would become a reality because of the alleged visitation to the earth by an extraterrestrial race. I believe the extraterrestrial race is an invention ala the Report From Iron Mountain in order to present an artificial threat to the earth to facilitate world government.

I was transferred to the USS Oriskany CVA-34 upon completion of my tour at CINCPACFLT. I was aboard the Oriskany when President Nixon resigned. Three days before he announced his resignation I was sent to the Comm shack to pick up a message from the Joint Chiefs of Staff for the Captain. I delivered the message to the Navigator, Commander Dougherty, in the Chartroom. He delivered the message to the Captain. The message stated, "Upon receipt you will no longer accept any orders from Top Hat. Acknowledge receipt." Top Hat was the code name for the President of the united States of America (White House).

I asked the Captain what he was going to do as the message was a clear violation of the Constitution for the united States of America and the doctrine of Civilian control over the military. The Captain told me he would wait and see if any orders came from the President before making a decision. No message ever came from the President or the White House. Of course the military controlled all communications facilities and no such message could have been transmitted once the Joint Chiefs had embarked upon their coup... for that is exactly what had occurred.

I had planned to make the military my career. Needless to say I could no longer pursue that course. What I thought I had been serving was not at all what I was really serving. I left the service with an Honorable Discharge on December 11, 1975. I have spent the last 24 years researching and exposing the TREASON within our government.

I wrote a book entitled Behold A Pale Horse, published an exposure of the Oklahoma City Bombing entitled Oklahoma City: Day One by Michele Marie Moore, publish a national newspaper entitled VERITAS, and I host a worldwide broadcast which began on May 4, 1992 called The Hour Of The Time. The subject of all of these is subversion from within our government and the projected outcome. What I have discovered is at MAJESTYTWELVE.

Shortly after the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building Rush Limbaugh read a White House memo during his broadcast. The memo named me, William Cooper, "...the most dangerous radio host in America". I learned that the FBI, the IRS, FINCEN, and other federal agencies had mounted a major investigation on me and my wife. The investigations, which all began on the same day, were ordered by the White House. The investigations lasted for 2 1/2 years. Warrants have been issued for our arrest. I learned that my FBI record, promulgated when I applied for my security clearance in the Air Force and Navy, was included with those other FBI files which were discovered to have been unlawfully obtained by the White House; the FBI files which became known as Filegate.

We were targeted as "enemies of the administration" because I told the truth in my book Behold A Pale Horse, in VERITAS, in Oklahoma City: Day One, and on the air during my worldwide broadcasts. We are not the only People who have been targeted for destruction by the President and his administration. What Clinton has done to us is clearly abuse of the powers of the office of the President.

Me, my wife, and our children, live from day to day terrorized, constantly under the threat of murder or imprisonment (which would result in murder) by the treasonous powers that have infiltrated our government to destroy it from within. Many other Patriots have been destroyed by these despicable traitors.

I am loyal to the Constitutional Republic under the Rule of Law. The Constitution for the united States of America is the Supreme Law of the Land. Unfortunately it has been subverted. I have devoted my life to the restoration of Constitutional Republican government. I am ready and willing to die in defense of that cause.

I am not now and will not ever be loyal to the defacto tyranny inhabiting Washington D.C. that fraudulently calls itself our government. The lawful government must and will be restored. All traitors must be arrested, tried, and if convicted hung from the highest trees in this land. God bless America.


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